UAC Webinars and Virtual Conference Series

UAC Webinars and Virtual Conference Series Archives includes many timely and important topics to help you succeed with your accounting, bookkeeping and/or tax practice. Why put it to chance, be in business for yourself but not by yourself with Universal Accounting Center.

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Become a Chamber Champion For Fun and Profit

You will learn how to pick the right Chamber for you, and leverage the goodwill and credibility of the chamber to get clients through networking and service opportunities.

Learn how to dominate the accounting space in your Chamber of Commerce. Clay Neves, former Chamber of Commerce president and business networking expert gives you an insider’s look at how to turn your chamber membership into an enjoyable marketing machine

Learn this and more!

Maximize Your Business Without Making Cold Calls

Learn how to improve your step by step system to allow you to generate a steady stream of new business through consistent referrals from existing customers and friends and, at the same time, maximize business with existing customers.

Your customers and clients already know every new contact you will ever need to succeed.

You are on your way, with the KEY THREE
Where do we take these contacts now?
How do we leverage our database?
How do you help your contacts remember you when they are speaking to a potential client?
How do you build a profitable, relationship-based business and keep it that way?

Are you a Profit Expert, or a Bookkeeper?

Every successful business needs a budget, yet most small business owners don’t know how to develop one or what to do with it once they have it. That’s where your expertise comes in because a major difference between a profit expert and a bookkeeper is this important part of working with clients.

In this month’s webinar, Creating a Budget they Can Live With you will learn how to build your value to your small business clients by offering this simple service. Mr. Bostrom will explain how to:

• Distinguish between a budget and a forecast
• Sell your client on the need for a budget
• Establish assumptions for the coming year
• Build a budget simply and fast
• Build your value to the client every month
• Help business management take charge of their business

Webinar Presenter: Allen Bostrom, is a CPA and president of Universal Accounting Center. Over his 35 years of working with small businesses, he has consulted with thousands of company owners in what they can and should be doing to be more successful. He has authored two books: In the Black and Red to Black in 30 Days which share principles of success for the small business entrepreneur.

Real Growth, Real Control, and Real Advantage

Collecting fees from clients and paying your bills is one of the most important duties of an accountrepreneur. With the help of technology, you can sidestep the work, and make it a snap – like hiring your own in-house bank teller for free.

Learn how will position you to grow your business, achieve control, and gain an advantage in the marketplace.

In this session, you will learn how to:
* Grow your business the easy way.
* Utilize a simple workflow process to manage, approve, schedule and pay bills
* Receive online payments from clients automatically
* Sleep better at night by implementing’s secure audit trail

Join us for this exciting webinar.
Instructor: Jami Blackburn, Manager of Accountant Channel Education and Guru

Become Magnetic and Irresistible to your Clients

If you have all the clients you need, you can miss this webinar.

In this month’s webinar, you’ll learn all about the art of attracting and keeping clients. Here’s a short sample of what you’ll learn:

Add more value to your business by making a few basic tweaks and charge your clients more!
Get clients to stick to you like bees stick to honey!
Create advocates for your business!
Create an irresistible promise
Unveil your core story
Find your unique voice
Incorporate mystery and rituals
Become UBERpresent
Increase the level of trust

Desktop vs Hosting vs SaaS – Why, How, and When

OK, you have a client, and they want to know what software is best for them. This presentation will help you understand how to choose the best software for you and your client.

Understand the difference between Desktop software, hosting your software in the cloud, or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Michelle Long is one of the foremost authorities in QuickBooks. She is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. She has one of the largest QuickBooks blogs in the world. She is an accomplished author and a sought after public speaker.

She will share with you the difference between QuickBooks Desktop, Hosting QuickBooks in the Cloud and QuickBooks Online, helping you to understand what is best for each of your clients. She will then demonstrate QuickBooks online and Xero accounting software.

QuickBooks Online is a great tool to help collaborate with clients.
Anytime, anywhere access to QuickBooks from any computer with an internet connection; even on a smartphone
Time-saving financial tools that are easy to set up, learn, and use
Free support, online backup, and automatic upgrades
Works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome
Integrates with QuickBooks Payments to enable your clients to accept credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks
Integrates with QuickBooks Online Payroll to enable your clients to manage their own payroll

Find out which is better, QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop? Or are they the same?

Turning Employers into Clients

Have you noticed the accounting job postings in the classifieds but don’t want to work as an employee? Many small businesses out there are posting their needs on different online classifieds such as Craigslist and Kijiji. How do you turn those part-time bookkeeping positions into actual opportunities to work with business owners willing to outsource their needs to you and your small business bookkeeping service?

Universal Accounting Centers Marketing Services Manager Scott McKinley will tell you how. Scott will give examples of opportunities online. Then he will share proven methods for speaking to business owners in a way where they not only see the advantage in NOT hiring an employee but additionally offering the benefits of our services that should lower their taxes and increase their bottom line.

How to Woo and Wow Your Clients with Break-Even Analysis

Learn how to calculate and manage fixed costs, variable costs, decision costs, and sales data to determine, chart and present your client’s break-even point and explore profitability scenarios. Learn how to help your clients make better decisions to power up their profits.

Learn from Steve Eckman and Clay Neves.

Virtual Bookkeeper Tools, Tips and Best Practices

How adding or streamlining virtual bookkeeping services can boost profits and bring you new powerful opportunities!

This is a content-rich, fast-paced training for bookkeepers who are already doing some virtual bookkeeping, as well as those who want to start moving business to the cloud.

Learn how to use inexpensive technology to streamline the entire bookkeeping process and make it a breeze for both you and your clients.

You’ll also discover how virtual bookkeeping easily opens the door to a deeper, more profitable relationship with your clients. Opportunities abound for doing far more than historical data entry!

Here’s just a taste of what we’ll cover together:

* The 3 most common workflows for handling your client’s bookkeeping efficiently in a virtual environment

* The easiest ways to share information with your clients and help them to ease painlessly into a paperless environment

* The #1 pitfall freelance bookkeepers face (and what to do about it)

* The HUGE need your bookkeeping clients have, and how you can EASILY capitalize on it to expand your business and double your revenue with just a handful of clients!

You’ll walk away from this webinar with the tools and the insight to make virtual bookkeeping services a lucrative part of your business.

Growing Weeds or Wealth?

Grow Your Business without Choking On It

When marketing accounting & bookkeeping services why not focus on tried and proven methods. In this webinar, we will discuss what works to find potential clients effectively and inexpensively.

We will be covering such topics as:
• Why your services, what makes you unique
• What are the services you offer and the specific benefits they bring to your clients
• A simplified business plan, do you have one?
• The Key 3 to start
• Why these are essential not to skip, procrastinate and do properly
• 30 second commercial
• Presenting your services
• Additional services to offer
• Becoming a Profit and Growth Expert
• The name of the game is client retention
o It is easy to get the clients, the trick is to keep them

BE THE HERO, by solving business problems

In Allen Bostrom’s latest book, Red to Black in 30 Days, he demonstrates a systematic approach to helping business owners quit losing money and becoming profitable once again. On July 26th, Mr. Bostrom will be our webinar guest as he describes this system that every accountant can use to save the day, and help trouble clients become happy clients. “Turning around a business can not only be extremely rewarding reputation- and financial-wise, but also in attracting more and higher-quality clients,” says Mr. Bostrom.

Here are the questions he will answer:

Are all businesses good candidates for a turnaround project?
How do you set up a turnaround project?
What should be included in your turnaround plan?
What are the three critical turnaround areas?
What tools and resources do you need as a turnaround expert?
What do you do once the turnaround is complete to ensure this business doesn’t return to loss?

QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper Program Webinar

What makes the QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper’s Version a great tool?

I am often asked, as an accountant/bookkeeper what version of QuickBooks should my students get. The QuickBooks Pro version works great for many of your clients.

In this month’s webinar, you’ll learn how the QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper’s Version is a master tool for your accounting practice. Here’s a short sample of what you’ll learn:

How to use the Password Manager
How to update several of your clients to the next version of QB
What is the Client Manager and how can it help you
What is the new Bounced Check Feature

Less Work… More Money

The Value of Outsourced Accounting Services

How an accountant uses his or her time can make the difference between success and failure. If everything depends upon you, your potential will be limited to your 24 hour day, and life can get busy extremely fast. Outsourcing offers an option that allows the accountant to spend time working on the business (or, play more), while others work in the business without the burden of having employees. So, this webinar’s purpose is to show you the strengths and concerns of using other people’s time to service your clients.

Who will be interviewed?

Greg Jones

Before becoming Bookkeeping Express CEO, Greg Jones was Vice President of Sales for Fransmart, LLC in Alexandria, VA, a company specializing in franchise sales, development, and support for the benefit of both franchisors and franchisees. With more than 20 years of experience in the communications, information, and entertainment services industries, Greg has served in numerous senior executive roles ranging from sales and business development to executive and operating officer in a variety of emerging enterprises to traditional business units of leading corporations.

Greg and his business partners acquired Bookkeeping Express in 2007 and initiated the Franchise model during the 4th Quarter of 2008. Since that kickoff, Bookkeeping Express has opened 57 Franchise territories with 40 franchisees/licensees in the system. Bookkeeping Express has been honored by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top 500 Franchise concepts in 2011.

Paradigm Shifts in Accounting Technology

In the past few years, a new world has emerged that forces us to rethink our standard ways of working. In this presentation, industry veteran Doug Sleeter will present an overview of the accounting software solutions available today, with a focus on what’s wrong with the old world of desktop software, and why the new world of Web-based software and services is so compelling for accountants and small businesses.

We’ll discuss several tipping points that have combined to create a marketplace of robust applications and services that make this new world concept into real solutions we can buy and use.

These tipping points include ubiquitous Internet access; broadband cellular networks; robust SaaS applications; collaboration technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yammer; rich online banking and other financial account feeds to SaaS applications on the Web; File sharing portals like ShareFile,, Dropbox, and others; and Mobile devices everywhere that are now a realistic delivery platform for all financial data and services.

How to Become Your Client’s MVP

Go from Bookkeeper to CFO in one hour

Your client has likely committed everything he has to make his business a success. Be a part of making his business a winner and he’ll be a fan forever. It doesn’t require unequaled athletic prowess – just good information, direction, and common sense.

In this month’s webinar, you’ll learn how to transition yourself from bookkeeper to chief financial officer in your client’s eyes. Here’s a short sample of what you’ll learn:

How to effectively present the financial statements
How to identify areas for concern
How to set goals that will strengthen the business
How to calculate breakeven and profit from it

Make your Website a $Rewarding$ Tool

With all the hype about websites, it’s hard to separate the truth from the hyperbole. This webinar is going to answer questions that every freelancer needs to know about this powerful marketing tool.

Here’s a sample of some of the questions we will be answering:

What is the purpose of a website and what should you expect from your website.
Does an attractive website really affect the results I would get from it? Is less or is less more?
What can I do to help be noticed on searches, i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing?
What is the MOST crucial page?
How do you design the home page so it gets the attention of the visitor?

Cole Daeschel, Website Guru, will cover all of these questions and more!

Take the FRIGHT out of the 1099-Misc Form

The deadline is FAST approaching. Many accountants are bombarded with clients needing to know if they need to send out 1099-Misc Forms and who to send them to.

Can you answer these questions?

1. Who needs to send 1099-Misc Forms?
2. Who do we send them to?
3. What is the difference between a W-2 and a 1099-Misc Forms?
4. What forms do I need to have from my vendors?
5. Should we be collecting Back-up Withholding?
6. Are 1099-Misc Forms only sent to non-corporations?
7. Do we have to buy big packages of forms even if I only have 1 or 2 to send out?

We will be answering these and many other questions about the 1099-Misc Forms. Join us for a great workshop examining the process taking the FRIGHT out of the form.

Ken Bostrom, PB, a 20+ year instructor for Universal Accounting Center, will cover all of these questions and more!

How to get and KEEP your best clients?

They just want to know you care. Go the extra mile with your clients as you practice Client Love with those who make your business profitable.

Understand what will strengthen your relationship with them, and how to become a valued part of their business. You won’t be able to get them to quit talking about you with their associates.

Learn the steps to take monthly, quarterly and yearly to ensure client retention for years to come.

Understand how best to be seen by your clients as their Profit and Growth Expert.

The Paperless Office – Fact or Fiction?

Most of my professional life, I’ve heard of the concept of a paperless office. At first, it sounded intriguing, but the technology wasn’t there it was fiction. Today, however, it’s reality and everyone needs to embrace part, if not all of the principle of being paperless to remain competitive. Besides, the right processes and software can make your job easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable.

Here are some questions you should be asking about creating your own paperless office:

1. How can I quickly get information from my clients?
2. What Apps are available to simplify the client’s processes and mine?
3. What should I be getting from my client on a daily, weekly, monthly basis?
4. What paperless tools can make me more money, save me time, and help me to be more productive?

Thursday, October 27th, we will be addressing these and many other questions about your move toward the paperless bookkeeping office. Join us for a great workshop examining the paperless opportunity toward the 21st Century Bookkeeping Office.

Specifically, we will be discussing:

Desktop vs Cloud
Speed, accessibility, and storage
Software, security, add-ons, and Apps
Additional Tools and toys like scanners, cellphones, and tablets

Ken Bostrom, PB, a 20+ year instructor for Universal Accounting Center, will cover all of these questions and more!

Be ready to move your office to the 21st Century Paperless Bookkeeping Service.

21st Century Bookkeeping Office

The right computer equipment can make your job easier, more enjoyable, and more profitable. Here are some questions you should be asking:

Do I have the best computer for my bookkeeping business?
Is it time to upgrade?
What should I be asking regarding my computer hardware?
What tools can make me more money, save me time, and help me to be more productive?

We will be addressing these and many other questions about computer hardware for the bookkeeping office. Join us for a great overview of the 21st Century Bookkeeping Office.

Specifically, we will be discussing:

Mac vs PC
Desktop vs Laptop
Size, speed, and storage
Software, security, and add-ons
Additional Tools and toys like cellphones and tablets

Jeff Stone, PB, Universal’s IT Manager, will cover all of these questions and more!

Be ready to move your office to paperless and to be the 21st Century Bookkeeping Service.

The Shoebox Client

Have you ever received a shoebox full of financial documents with no idea where to begin? Has a client ever handed you a stack of bank statements and said, Here you go? All financial professionals have to start somewhere, and when you do, you just might have some of the following questions:

• Where do I begin?
• What’s the most efficient way to get started?
• How do I establish records for my first client?

Let Universal help you answer all of them!

We are having a short Webinar on how to get started with the Shoebox Client. Ken Bostrom will discuss the following topics:

• Organizing the shoebox
• Going paperless
• Setting up QuickBooks
• Handling bank and credit card statements and combined accounts
• What to do when the owner uses company cash, checks or credit cards for personal use
• What to do when the owner uses personal checks, debit, and credit cards for company use

There couldn’t be a better way to spend 45 minutes of your day. There’s limited space, so please reserve your seat soon!