Virtual Bookkeepers Roadmap™

What You'll Learn

Virtual Bookkeepers Roadmap™ (VBR)

To ensure you are working efficiently and profitably we offer The Virtual Bookkeeper’s Roadmap™ program as the “PRODUCTION” solution you need.  This was designed by Veronica Wasek CPA to teach the best practices when it comes to the back-office bookkeeping workflow.  Providing clients quality information and reports is great but do you find yourself:

  • Working too many hours to take care of your clients
  • Working nights and weekends
  • Not having time for yourself, for family and friends
  • Honestly, when was your last vacation or holiday

If you have the clients you need, love what you are doing but believe there is a better way to do the work this is the program for you.

Course Description

One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Universal Accounting Center is that our programs are designed to help you be in business for yourself but not by yourself.  This is to say that with each program you are assigned a coach, a mentor to help you in the coming months apply these resources and principles in your business.  Therefore you can also expect to be invited to a Private Facebook group and monthly Q&A. With your access to the private Facebook group, you can ask questions, share your challenges and wins. You’ll get the added bonus of interacting with a community of virtual bookkeepers and accountants committed to systematizing and growing successful practices.  Your membership in this exclusive Facebook group also entitles you to a monthly group Q&A where you can get answers to your most pressing questions directly from Veronica Wasek.

Like we’ve said before, be in business for yourself but not by yourself!


All of this is delivered in video lessons and downloadable PDF materials and other resources such as:

  • Sample monthly credit card/ACH form.
  • Sample bookkeeping service packages.
  • Monthly bookkeeping calendar.
  • 5 monthly bookkeeping tasks you should be performing for every client.
  • Sample bookkeeping project templates and workflows
  • Monthly bookkeeping review checklist and workflows.
  • A demonstration of how my team and I review our client’s books (self-review and manager review).
  • Sample document management file structure.
  • Team collaboration meeting agendas.
  • Sample knowledge base.

Listen to Veronica and Roger discuss the opportunities in the accounting profession HERE!


Convenient Online Learning

The training includes:

  • How to deliver virtual bookkeeping services – monthly bookkeeping workflows using document management as well as proven strategies to maximize your productivity. Client on-boarding workflows, best practices, checklist, flowcharts, scripts, & meeting agendas.
  • Receive the virtual bookkeeping tech stack and tech workflows (QuickBooks Online, apps, and much more).
  • Payment and Billing strategies to get paid upfront for all services.  You’ll receive a sample client service agreement (engagement letter) document management flow, and proven strategies for maximizing your productivity.
  • You’ll have an assigned Practice Management Coach to support and help Start/Build a Bookkeeping Service

• Video Lessons & Instruction
• Clock Hours: 20
• Designed to be done in 2 weeks
• Manuals with exclusive bonus content
• Online access, anywhere, anytime
• Related Coaching & Support

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