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Congratulations and welcome to Universal Accounting Center.  We look forward to working with you as you begin this new chapter in your life. Download your welcome packet that should review as it has all the relevant details to your enrollment with Universal Accounting Center.

Educate and Entertain Your Audience Learn Accounting Principles that will Grow Your BusinessTo make the most of your enrollment I would like to offer two suggestions.

First, establish a study routine (schedule) that you can commit to following in the coming days and weeks.  Although the courses and programs are self-study (independent study) we encourage you to complete them in the time they were designed.  Whether you decided to study in the morning, night, weekdays or weekends is irrelevant.  Consistency will be the key to your success.  My suggestion is to set aside at least 2-hour blocks that you can focus on and study.  At a minimum 30 minutes time slots can work – just study!

Second, reach out to and engage with your assigned coaches.  Your Orientation Counselor will be your primary point of contact to help you with everything but also utilize the coaching and support offered with your specific program coaches.  Their specific contact information will appear within the portal interface above each program’s instructional videos.

  • Not sure who to speak with, give us a call: 801-265-3777 and ask for the admissions department 🙂

If you are on Facebook we have a page and two closed groups to help you as you work on and complete your programs:

    1. UAC Fan – Tips, Tricks, and resources.  We invite you to take a moment to LIKE and “follow us”
    2. UAC Student Group – This is a closed group with additional resources, training, and support for our students.  Here you can ask questions, provide feedback to others, keep up with all the new information we have to provide and receive exclusive offers!  Be sure to also complete the related Learning Units that add to your studies.
    3. UAC – Accounting & Bookkeeping Tips – Have access to peers where you can get answers from those dealing with similar customers.


NOW, Let’s get started.  Here’s a quick TOUR of the student portal.


We are always striving to provide those we work with the highest standards of service, and hope that so far we have met your expectations. We would really appreciate it if you would take a moment to provide us with your feedback by submitting a review. Click here to provide us your thoughts, good or bad, so that we may continue to provide quality service to you. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your feedback!

Lastly, please take a moment and give us a quick review (say something nice about those you worked with 🙂 as this is something we appreciate and please do this quick survey as we would like your input.

Thanks in advance for the feedback and review – we truly appreciate it.  For your thoughts and input here is a FREE copy of the book “In The BLACK” and a discount to a new program that we have for our students that I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

We look forward to working with you on this new journey.

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Roger Knecht, President

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