Give Your Business a Makeover This Year


Many see the New Year as an opportunity to make significant changes in their appearances.  But have you thought about giving your business a makeover?  As a business owner you might be considering ways you might update and enhance your practice.  Forget the building permits, interior designers, and even the paint chips.  We have three tips that will significantly improve your business in less than 60 days without making one change to your office.

1. Specialize

When you specialize in a specific industry or business type, you target a niche market and enhance your ability to attract more clients who are interested in your expertise.

Small businesses are looking for small-business accountants who are aware of their unique needs and will perform those services that will enable them to be more profitable.  The majority of accountants out there have been trained in big business accounting, which comprises less than 20% of accounting opportunities.  Small businesses, on the other hand, are growing at a phenomenal pace.

In 2005, reported that there were 8.1 million small businesses in the United States.  Compare that with the mere 8,000 large businesses and 93,000 midsize businesses.  Your town alone has enough small businesses to keep you practice very busy, as long as you know the day-to-day accounting tasks they require.

2. Certify

UAC’s Professional Bookkeeper Program (PB) will train you in the practical application of small business accounting, while enabling you to earn professional certification, which demonstrates your expertise and true professionalism.

In less than 60 hours you could complete practical training in accounting that will give you the confidence and skills you need to move ahead in one of the best home-based businesses around: contract accounting.  Not only that, but you’ll find the program inexpensive and convenient, allowing you to study at your own time and pace.  Here are the four modules you’ll enjoy:

  • Module One: Accounting Made Easy
  • Module Two: Practical Small Business Applications
  • Module Three: Advancing Your ‘Account-Ability’
  • Module Four: Building a Successful Accounting Service

3. Publicize

Notice how that last module is entitled “Building a Successful Accounting Service”?  Universal Accounting Center doesn’t abandon you once you master small-business accounting skills.  After over 25 years experience training individuals in small business accounting, we realize that financial professionals also must be trained how to market those skills.  This finale module will enable you to attract and retain those clients who will help you build a thriving practice of your own.  Not only that, but UAC will teach you how to make every minute you spend marketing effective, so you can dedicate the majority of your time to what you do best: accounting.

It’s a New Year, and while the economy may be staggering, your business doesn’t have to follow suit.  Your best defense in 2009 is a good offense.  Take the initiative and improve your business today.  There’s no doubt that in specializing, certifying, and publicizing, you will make this year your practice’s best yet.  Enroll in the Professional Bookkeeper Program today!


“Small Business at a Glance.”