Meditate to Improve Your Business

When you have a problem, meditate on it and the answer will come, during the meditation or afterwards. – Remez Sasson

Meditate silently.  You will be able to create a totally new life for yourself.  – Sri Chinmoy

No great work has ever been produced except after a long interval of still and musing meditation. – Walter Bagehot

MeditateTo many, meditation is a mystical, new-age activity for which they have no time.  But what if we told you that meditation could help you achieve greater focus, tranquility, and direction in your personal and professional life?  Would it become a more appealing practice?

Those who practice meditation claim to be more adept at concentrating, critical thinking and problem solving-all of which are important skills for the business owner.  However, before one begins meditating it’s important to understand how the mind works and what, exactly, you’re trying to achieve through this practice.

There are four states of mind:

Beta. This is the state at which your mind generally operates throughout the day, considered typical waking consciousness.  However, your brain can experience beta-overload.  When the brain produces higher levels of beta waves you tend to feel anxious and agitated.

Alpha. This is the state of mind most experience right before falling asleep, and it is associated with a more relaxed state of mind.  The mind can generally process information better in this state.  This is the state of mind achieved through meditation.

Theta. You achieve theta when you are dreaming.  In this state you are more creative and can achieve greater memory function.  With practice, many can achieve this state of mind when awake while meditating.

Delta. Delta waves are prominent in dreamless sleep.  This is the slowest brain wave and represents the mind’s most relaxed state.

Entrepreneurs experience lots of stress in the process of managing their businesses.  The more stress and anxiety you are feeling, the higher the frequency of your mind’s beta waves.  To achieve greater tranquility, and as a result, greater clarity regarding your business, you must increase your brain’s alpha and theta waves.  This can be accomplished through meditation.

The Wikipedia defines meditation as a “mental discipline by which one attempts to get beyond the reflexive, ‘thinking’ mind into a deeper state of relaxation and awareness.”  While it may sound easy, meditating can take a lot of concentration and practice, especially for those of us who are used to a mind cluttered with endless thoughts.  Those new to meditation should remove themselves from all distraction and find a quiet location in which they can recline and relax.  Once you’ve mastered meditating techniques, you can achieve greater relaxation regardless of your environment.

But for starters you should find a quiet corner where you can begin this practice.  Sit, stand or lie in a comfortable position-one that enables you to focus (not sleep).  Start by breathing deeply, in through your nostrils and out through your mouth.  This alone can often help you feel more at peace.  Then you can focus on a single thought or idea.  You’ll be surprised how difficult this may be at first, but with practice you’ll find yourself zooming onto one solitary element and letting all else fall away.

With time you’ll be able to direct your meditation sessions where you want them to go, perhaps focusing on relaxing your body, opening your mind to inspiration and direction regarding your business or focusing on a personal character trait you want to develop.  Whatever your intent, you’ll find that as meditation becomes a common practice in your life, your life will become more focused and serene as a result.

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