Revive Your Business

It’s the end of summer when business often slows down.  This is the perfect time to invigorate your business in preparation for the onslaught of fall and year end.  But don’t worry – you don’t have to make monumental changes or spend a lot of money.  Here are 3 little things that you do to recharge your business:

1.  Clean your office.  Clutter on the desk sometimes creates clutter in the mind.  While your office may not require a visit from the health department, if it’s interfering with your productivity it needs to be cleaned up and organized.  Sometimes a couple hours are all it takes to sort out your office and give you peace of mind.

Perhaps your office is in need of a work-friendly change.  Don’t shy away from rearranging furniture or bringing in filing cabinets and shelving to help you better manage client information.  Sometimes you need to physically change your surroundings in order to achieve a fresh outlook on your business.

2.   Offer a new promotion.  Summer promotions are great, and because most small business owners realize that year end is just around the corner, they’ll be more likely to respond to a fall promotion.  Offer one free hour of accounting consultation or provide a discount.  Whatever you choose, make it appealing enough for potential clients to respond without threatening your profitability. And remember that sometimes getting new clients will profit you more in the long-run than you’ll lose in a one-time promotional deal.

3.   Send out a newsletter.  Newsletters are a great promotional tool.  But if you’ve been weary of a year-round newsletter, now’s the time to test-run a newsletter without being obligated to continue it week after week, or month after month.  A summer newsletter can be a one-time thing, with free financial advice, information on your promotions, and of course, your contact information.  You can send this newsletter to friends, family, neighbors, contacts, local businesses, etc.  In turn, it could send lots of people your way.

Recharging your business doesn’t require a loan or a major withdrawal from your savings account.  With less than $100 and a little motivation, you can recharge your business and see more profitability by year end.

Increase Your Clientele and Your Income by Adding Tax Preparation to Your Service Offerings!

Are you prepared for new IRS tax preparer regulations?  If not, it’s time you enrolled in UAC’s Professional Tax Preparer (PTP) Program.  What you might spend on Universal’s training will return in spades next tax season.  Not only is your potential client base huge, but the new IRS regulations are bound to decrease your competition.  That means many businesses and individuals will be looking for qualified professionals to prepare and file their tax returns.  You could enhance your business and enjoy the benefits of managing a lucrative and rewarding financial practice.

Tax professionals charge 100 + an hour providing planning and preparation services to clients.  In the course of one tax season, many tax preparers earn what others take an entire year to bring in.   Universal’s PTP Program will enable you to help your clients save enough money in taxes to more than cover your fees.  Call UAC to learn more at 1-877-833-7909.