Krista Farmer, PB

farmer_krista_200wThe Professional Bookkeeper™ program attracts those with a wide range of accounting backgrounds, some with no bookkeeping skills whatsoever. Krista Farmer is an example of how the Professional Bookkeeper program gives even the most experienced accountants the real-world skills they need to turn accounting knowledge into a great income!

When Krista discovered the Professional Bookkeeper program, she already had 10 years of accounting under her belt. She had even managed an accounting department at a major university, so she was certainly not lacking in skills or experience.

What universities don’t teach you about accounting is how to create a successful accounting and bookkeeping service out of the knowledge they teach. That’s where the Professional Bookkeeper™ program really came to Krista’s rescue. Its simple step-by-step marketing plan let Krista find a few clients to support on the side and grow her accounting practice from there. In Krista’s words, “Since I am not a risk-taker by nature, I eased my way into my bookkeeping and accounting practice. Fortunately, the marketing tips provided in the program are so adjustable that I could use them to help build my business as slowly or as aggressively as I wanted, and so I have met my goal.”

Krista set a goal of making her accounting service fully operational by the summer of 2005. Well, she made it! She left the rat race of corporate accounting and began to work for small companies, where she enjoys the feeling of really making a difference. She has grown to love how her efforts have made her small-business clients more profitable and how much they appreciate her contribution to their success.

Krista also found that working for small businesses gave her the opportunity to find what she really excelled at. She found great satisfaction in making order from chaos with small-business clients that often lack an organized accounting system. Krista finds enjoyment in getting her clients organized and in showing them opportunities to keep more of the money they make.

Because Krista found the courage to take the first step towards making her dream of owning her own accounting service a reality, not only is she better off financially, but her life is much richer overall. Krista now has more time to spend on what matters most to her: her family. She finds more satisfaction working for herself than she ever could in a corporate setting. She truly feels that her work makes a difference and is truly appreciated.