Earn at Home – Part Time

45163972_mWhether you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, a retiree, or for whatever reason you are looking for a job you can fit around other priorities with a very flexible schedule and make $40-$80 dollars per hour doing so, Universal has the perfect solution for you.  If you even have just a few hours each week, you can bring on a few clients and have a great income, doing the work whenever it fits YOUR schedule.

With as few as 8-10 monthly write-up clients you could make thousands working less than half time!  Tax preparation can be even more lucrative at over $100 per hour, if you’d like to add that to your menu of services.

PB logo The Professional Bookkeeper Certification Course (PB) provides a step-by-step process to implement full-charge bookkeeping from A-Z for clients across 11 industries, and how to naturally find the clients you need through your current circle of influence from family, friends, local businesses, and other natural sources.

qs-75x75 The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks Certification Course (QS) gives you the skill and expertise to get more done more quickly using the power of QuickBooks including how to account for customers, employees, vendors, taxes and financial accounts.

ptp-logo_226x150The Professional Tax Preparer Certification Course (PTP) give you the the expertise in individual and business tax planning and preparation to do in addition to or instead of bookkeeping.  Though it is usually more seasonal, with periods of a lot of work and periods of little work, it can pay up to $150 per hour or more.  Learn how to attract and retain the clients you need.

PTP-CoachingOur expert academic and on-the-job support assures your success with the ability to answer any questions you have academically while taking the course or on-the-job after you certify and are actually working with clients.

So, make more progress more quickly toward your financial goals for a second job with Universal Accounting Center!

Let’s take you through a complete business plan for your specific situation!

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