Run a More Efficient and Profitable Dental Practice

dentist-photoRun a More Efficient and Profitable Dental Practice!
Train Office Managers and Staff to be Competent in Bookkeeping

A dental practice has the potential to be an extremely lucrative business. However, if office managers and staff are not trained in effective bookkeeping principles, a practice is unable to secure a high margin of profitability. Investing in bookkeeping training for office managers and staff benefits both your employees and your dental practice.


Employee Benefits

Personal Improvements

Understand accounting terminology so you can speak with the pros
Master the complete bookkeeping cycle, including financial statements
Gain a transferrable skill
Enjoy your job even more
Increase your value to the dental team by becoming the Profit Expert
Dental Practice Improvements

dental office teamOffice Improvements

Keep more money in the bank
Build on the practice’s strengths
Identify areas needing improvement
Take the guesswork out of the finances

Accounting Improvements

Prepare accurate information for the accountant
Identify the dental practice profit centers
Improve collections on slow-paying accounts
Streamline the bookkeeping process while making it even more useful
Make sure the tax preparer has all the right information to ensure the practice is not over-paying taxes


Benefits for both Dentists and their Practices
Personal Improvements

Earn more money by being on top of your finances
Know where you stand financially every day
Improve the morale of your office staff
Strengthen the Dental Practice Value

Dental Practice Improvement

Identify areas needing improvement before they become problems
Legally lower your taxes
Improve your cash flow
Keep more money in the bank
Improve your profits

Accounting Improvement

Stop outsourcing your bookkeeping processes
Get your accounting done at a lower cost
Have your taxes done at a fraction of the cost
Secure important documents in the office
Improve collections on slow-paying accounts

If you would like to invest in your practice by having your managers and staff properly trained in effective dental bookkeeping principles, purchase an enrollment package now!

The Profitable Dental program may also qualify for as many as 16 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits depending on the state or association you are a member of.

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