Building a Successful Accounting Service

Building a Successful Accounting Service

Purpose: To assist you in successfully creating your own professional in-home, or office-based bookkeeping and accounting service. Average time to complete:  10 Hours

(Building A Successful Accounting Service – Table of Content)

Session 1 — A Food Service Business

  • Income tax forms you should become familiar with

CASE STUDY: Prepare all journals, general ledgers, subsidiary ledgers, and financial statements for Alfredo’s Deli

Session 2 — Fast Track Your Start-up

  • What you need to do to ensure success
  • The four fears that will stop your individual progress and what to do about them
  • Seven issues every freelancer should consider when starting an accounting service
  • Step-by-step process of starting right
  • What equipment you need to make it work
  • What to put on those business cards

Session 3 — Marketing — It’s More than Advertising

  • The “Key Three” marketing strategies that everyone should begin with
  • Nine additional marketing strategies that will win you clients
  • Proven marketing letters
  • Preparing your “30 Second Commercial”
  • Keep your name in front of your contacts
  • How to network with the pros

Sessions 4-6 — Professional Presentations and Fee Calculations

  • Make every contact count
  • The three objectives of every presentation
  • Getting the client to scream “Yes”
  • Calculating a fair and honest fee for your services
  • Getting the money up front
  • What to charge for other services
  • The Ten Tips to Business Success