Building a Successful Accounting Service

Building a Successful Accounting Service

Purpose: To assist you in successfully creating your own professional in-home, or office-based bookkeeping and accounting service. Average time to complete:  10 Hours

(Building A Successful Accounting Service – Table of Content)

Session 1 — A Food Service Business

  • Income tax forms you should become familiar with

CASE STUDY: Prepare all journals, general ledgers, subsidiary ledgers, and financial statements for Alfredo’s Deli

Session 2 — Fast Track Your Start-up

  • What you need to do to ensure success
  • The four fears that will stop your individual progress and what to do about them
  • Seven issues every freelancer should consider when starting an accounting service
  • A step-by-step process of starting right
  • What equipment you need to make it work
  • What to put on those business cards

Session 3 — Marketing — It’s More than Advertising

  • The “Key Three” marketing strategies that everyone should begin with
  • Nine additional marketing strategies that will win you clients
  • Proven marketing letters
  • Preparing your “30 Second Commercial”
  • Keep your name in front of your contacts
  • How to network with the pros

Sessions 4-6 — Professional Presentations and Fee Calculations

  • Make every contact count
  • The three objectives of every presentation
  • Getting the client to scream “Yes”
  • Calculating a fair and honest fee for your services
  • Getting the money upfront
  • What to charge for other services
  • The Ten Tips to Business Success

The intent of this module is to help you start your bookkeeping and accounting business such that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.  In addition to creating your business plan, you’ll work with your assigned business coach to identify and implement effectively proven marketing efforts that we’ve determined to be both effective and inexpensive.  Here’s what you can expect: