Amy Rines

For 14 years, Amy Rines worked as a comptroller for three different construction companies and saw the same thing happen each time; once she came in, and trained people on procedures, she was no longer needed full time. So, as she was faced again with switching roles within her company, she began to wonder how many other companies might need just a part-time accountant.

Soon after that Rines Management was born. Despite already having an accounting background, Rines turned to the Universal Accounting.

“I debated long and hard before investing in the program because it is a substantial investment that I am still paying for, but if I hadn’t I simply wouldn’t be successful in my business because I wouldn’t know what to do,” Rines said.

In only a few short months since Rines learned the Marketing aspect of the Universal Accounting programs, Rines Management has taken off.

“They taught me how to market my skills, contact people and get out of my comfort zone,” she said. She added that without the program she wouldn’t have known to take many of the steps she has to be successful. “They teach the basics that all businesses need to succeed: production, accounting and marketing.”

Rines is well on her way to meeting both her short term and long term goals. “For the next year I hope to earn $150,000, increase marketing strategies and pick up one new client a week,” she said. To gauge her success, Rines mentioned that she has been picking up two clients a week lately, and has already hired one part time employee to meet growing client demands.

Best of all Rines now has flexibility and says she loves what she does. “The most satisfying part is being able to help my clients grow their business,” she said.