Angel Vincent

In November of last year, Angel Vincent quit her day job. She was a manager of finance with a major non-profit health organization, and was doing well. The problem? The higher she climbed the corporate ladder, the more unbalanced her life became. It seemed ironic that the better her career, the more hours was dedicating to it; she found herself with little time for herself and her family. Angel knew that the flexibility she craved would only come in launching her own financial practice.

Angel has a strong accounting background; she earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting over 12 years ago. But she didn’t know how to start and run her own business. That’s when she decided to enroll in Universal Accounting’s training programs, and boy, did she enroll. She began with the Professional Bookkeeper Program and the Professional Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks. Months later, she added the Professional Tax Preparer Program and the Universal Practice Builder program.

Now, just months after quitting her job, Angel has a total of 22 regular accounting clients and 23 tax clients, and she continues to get referrals. These are just a few of the benefits she enjoys after experiencing Universal’s quality training. She explains that other perks include “confidence in the specialty of small-business accounting and taxes…and QuickBooks knowledge too. …But I would not have known where to start when I meet with someone [or] how to price my services if it was not for the UAC marketing techniques.”

She enjoys other perks that come from full-time self employment as well. Angel says that her favorite thing about managing her own financial practice is “Freedom! Freedom to choose my clients, freedom to set my own hours, freedom in my salary because I choose how much work and for what fee! Plus, the commute is great (I work out of my home, [and while I] visit clients in the field…most of the work is done in my extra bedroom).”

Angel credits her success to Universal’s training programs. She is seen by clients as a proactive financial professional that routinely demonstrates their business’ fiscal health. She explains, “I don’t just do their books—I help them understand what is happening in their business so they can make better decisions. I hear all the time from my clients that they never had the help/interaction/analysis from their prior bookkeepers/accountants.”

Angel has been so swamped with tax season that she hasn’t yet been able to earn her professional certifications or begin the Universal Practice Builder program, which she plans on doing as soon as the tax deadline passes. Once she does, Angel anticipates that it won’t be long before she’s making more than she did in the corporate world and happily recommends Universal’s programs to like-minded individuals. She advises other students to “trust the program. The lessons are explained in a way I never was taught in college; they are explained in a way that is easy to understand. And trust your UAC advisors—use their knowledge and expertise! They are there to assist you with the proven method.”