Jeanenne Leven

I knew I needed help marketing my business from the moment I first thought about starting a business. I am an accountant, not a marketing specialist – marketing is like a foreign language to me. I had no idea how to start marketing my business and myself, I needed someone to take me by the hand and lead me step-by-step through the entire marketing process.

My experience with coaching has been very positive. Rick is a great coach. He is very knowledgeable and encouraging. Not only did Rick show me that there are many avenues for marketing your business, but he was there helping me through my fear of networking. He explained that I was not “selling” anything, but developing and nurturing relationships. This change in thinking took all the pressure that I was putting on myself to go out and get clients off my shoulders. “Nurturing relationships” and not “getting clients” became my mantra. I no longer fear that people – including my family members – are running away from me, saying to themselves “oh no, here she comes again!”

With Rick helping me, my networking experience has been nothing short of a miracle. Although I still need some polishing, I have discovered that it is not how professional you sound, but how sincere you are. There is a wealth of people in the business world that want to help you succeed. The people I have met are friendly and really want to see you succeed. I no longer feel like a meek little office mouse. I feel enormous pride when I tell people that I am a profit and growth expert who owns a local business.

My confidence in myself and in my skills has grown so much. If you do what your coach asks you to do, you cannot help but succeed. Other than having Rick physically by my side when I go to networking events, there is not a thing I can think of that needs changing in this program.

Thank you Rick – I know that I have a very successful business in the works because of your help and support.

Jeanenne Leven