Lori Rademacher

Dear Scott, Ken and Universal Team,

It has now been only two years since I invested in the Universal Accounting Program. I purchased the whole system including Bookkeeping, Tax, QuickBooks and Universal Practice Builder. In addition I also purchased the coaching.

At that point I had just opened Expert Tax Solutions, Inc and focused on tax accounting, bookkeeping and QuickBooks. In three short tax seasons’ I have built up to over 250 new clients from ground zero. It is a dream comes true. In addition to this I now have six new bookkeeping clients and numerous consulting jobs with Quick Books clients.

I just have to let you know that I don’t think I would have had the guts to pursue this dream if it were not for your program. The training is wonderful, but the coaching is necessary as well. The confidence that I received from the knowledge that if I really encounter something that is beyond me, there was a team to coach me through it was the key to my success. You and Ken were especially beneficial in this coaching.

My tax practice is now approaching $50,000 in revenue in the third tax season. You were right! The demand is unbelievable for good, conscientious tax professionals, this I know first-hand! Thanks again for being such an important part of my business success! I am glad I invested – it has really paid off!


Lori Rademacher, President