Lucy Ryan

Why I chose Universal Accounting Marketing Program

My experience with Universal Accounting Marketing Program was stimulating, revealing and most of all educational.

My coach Rick Howard from the offset guided me from being very doubtful to being confident and believing that I have all the qualities to pursue my dream, which is to be a business owner.

When the sessions started I was filled with apprehension and self doubt. Rick explained to me that once I set my goals and follow through, the journey would not be as difficult as I once perceived. He was so right, I now want to tell everyone that I meet about my business. I feel more open and ready to take on more challenges.

I mentioned to Rick once that I was fearful of rejection. He said,I should repeat “So what, who cares, whose next”. I take those words with me each day as I visit the local businesses in my area. I will continue to use the tools that Rick and Universal Accounting has given me to assist me in growing my business. I’ve been attending networking events and have met some real great people and making some new acquaintances. Two weeks from today I’ll be attending my first trade show. Since I signed up for the marketing program I have acquired two new clients and I have a prospect who I am working with.

Once again thank you Rick and Universal Accounting for making me believe in myself once again.

Best Regards
Lucy Ryan