Matt Remuzzi

Matt Remuzzi had been working as a business broker when he decided that he could no longer tolerate the roller-coaster income. A self-made entrepreneur since 2000, he couldn’t imagine working for anyone other than himself. But he needed a change.

Matt associated with many small-business owners who had little to no bookkeeping support; he recognized a need that he could potentially fill as a professional, affordable bookkeeper, serving those same people with whom he was already working every day.

While at that time he had the opportunity to purchase an existing bookkeeping business, he decided, after doing a little research, that he would rather start his own and enrolled in Universal’s Professional Bookkeeper (PB) and QuickBooks training programs.

Matt completed the training programs and in January of 2012 he launched his own bookkeeping practice, CapForge Bookkeeping & More. He currently serves 22 regular clients in addition to working on a project basis for many more. In addition to having earned the Professional Bookkeeper and QuickBooks Specialist designations, Matt explains that through Universal’s training he gained “increased confidence in being able to provide a quality service.”

To those who may want to follow Matt’s lead he advises, “There are plenty of clients for everyone if you provide a reliable, professional service. But you have to go out and find them—they aren’t going to call you out of the blue.”

Luckily, the Professional Bookkeeper program not only provides training in small-business accounting, but it also teaches you how to successfully promote your services to a target market. In fact, one entire module of the program is dedicated to Building a Successful Accounting Service.

Matt says he is “selling peace of mind more than anything, and [his clients] appreciate knowing that someone who knows what they are doing is now keeping an eye out for their best interests.”