Monica Mendez

Six years ago Monica Mendez was working in a factory with a capped salary and not much chance for promotion. An immigrant to the United States when she was just 17-years old, she had long worried that she would never be able to excel at anything. Unsatisfied with her current position, she decided that instead of working for someone else, it was time she determined her own salary and work schedule by becoming a paid tax preparer.

For five years Monica ran a stagnant practice that provided her with greater flexibility but not the income she desired. She decided it was time she expanded her service offerings in order to enhance her clientele and her income.

One day, Monica began Googling small-business bookkeeping courses when she discovered Universal Accounting Center ; they were offering a free Start Today Seminar in her city the next day! She couldn’t believe her luck. Monica says attending “has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

Now Monica has successfully completed nearly all Universal’s training programs: the Professional Bookkeeper, the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks, the Professional Tax Preparer, and the Universal Practice Builder. And she just enrolled in the Master Coaching Program .

As she began talking with her clients about her new service offerings, applying those things she was learning in the Professional Bookkeeper training, one of them retained her accounting services before she had even completed the course.

Since completing the Universal training, Monica now has 9 bookkeeping clients and 550 tax preparation clients, an increase of more than 200%! And she has made approximately $20,000 more as a tax preparer this year, not to mention the $21,600 she has logged in receivables from her bookkeeping clients so far. She has also earned her Professional Bookkeeper and QuickBooks Specialist designations and is working on earning her Professional Tax Preparer certification now.

When asked her favorite thing about managing her own financial practice, Monica says, “I love to advise my clients. Being able to explain a Profit and Loss Report or Balance Sheet is PRICELESS! … I am the first person they call when they are making big purchases. I love the feeling that I can assist my clients.” Her clients especially appreciate the quality of her customer service. “I make them feel like they are the most important people on the planet.”

Monica recognizes that having your own business can be difficult sometimes, but she is grateful that she is getting paid to do something she loves. She is also grateful to Universal for laying the foundation that makes it easy to achieve success as long as you work hard and apply the principles learned.

Long ago Monica discovered that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing time and time again, hoping for a different result. The day Monica decided to attend the Start Today Seminar was the day she changed her business, her family and her lifestyle because she decided to do something different.

Monica is the first to acknowledge that Universal’s training has changed her life, but she realizes that it may not be for the reasons you would expect. She explains, “Universal has helped my aptitude and attitude, and now I know that everything was in my mind. I was lacking confidence and now I am a different woman. I changed. I have learned to respect myself.”