Monica Mendez

I cannot describe what Universal has done for me but what I can say without any hesitation is that Universal has changed my life and my business forever.
Being able to work with Universals courses has opened a new world of opportunities for me and with the coaching it just helped me to explode what I already had. Working with Rick every week gave me the confidence that I can do it and I just needed to do it the right way.
Rick kept me accountable every single week and I consider him a great mentor and a friend. Rick helped me implement a new marketing campaign, which is working great by the way, I received my professional bookkeeper designation thanks to him because he gave me the confidence to take the test, and I even change the design on my business cards. I can’t say how many changes I have done with his assistance. Rick helped me to overcome my fears and I feel different now and all this happened because I trust him, I let Rick to show me the right way and I followed his instructions.
Rick gave me many ideas to help me grow my business to a different level. I’ve even hired a part time bookkeeper so I can have more time to go out and meet more business owners.
The reason I decided to have my business was because of my family, I wanted to provide to my son the best education and now I am finally doing it. My business is helping me to provide what my family needs and I am in control of my life.
Rick’s assistance as you can see has changed my business but the best of all is that it has changed my life.
I want to say thank you to Allen Bostrom for fulfilling my dream and for having wonderful people in your organization like Rick who has changed my life forever.

Monica Mendez
(919) 554-9475