Norman Arden

I want to let you and your team at Universal Accounting know that I have retired. Actually I retired on June 1, 2011 ( sorry to be so tardy in letting you know ). Sharlane Bailey, my manager has taken over the practice.

I wish to express my appreciation to you and your company, especially David and Alan for all that you did for Canwest Accounting and myself. Your ideas and support were very beneficial in improving Canwest Accounting to the point that it had considerable value when I sold it to Sharlane. I am financially able to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Sharlane and I agreed that I would retain 8 of the clients as well as 50 of the income tax returns (quite a few family and friends at no fee). My company is called Cavalier Accounting Ltd., 133 Mocha Close, Victoria BC V9B 5T3 ( yes that is my home which you visited). Email is [email protected]. telephone is 250-391-9966. My biggest regret is that I did not begin my association with Universal Accounting 10 years sooner. I have recommended to a few people that have called that they must attend your workshop in Salt Lake City. This will give them a great start in building their business. Please feel free to have any potential clients call me for a reference.

Things that I found beneficial were your concept and advice on marketing ( a major weakness in bookkeepers and accountants ); pricing and how to “sell” the value, and the financial reports that compare my client with others in the same industry.

I would also like to thank you and your associates, especially Alan for the kind hospitality when I was in your beautiful city.

Best wishes

Norman Arden