Richard Klabunde

Richard Klabunde had tried launching his own practice five times with no luck. Following each unsuccessful attempt, he went to work fulltime for another company. But when he found himself out of work at 55 years old, he knew it was time to try something different.

Richard had been doing bookkeeping, accounting and tax work since he was 19-years old, so he definitely had the necessary skillset to manage his own financial practice. But he was in desperate need of some new marketing techniques which he hoped Universal Accounting Center could provide. In November, 2010 he enrolled in the Universal Practice Builder (UPB) Program, which he followed up with more UA training: the Professional Tax Preparer Program and the Professional Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks. Just one year later, in November, 2011, Richard opened his own office which now serves over 100 tax and bookkeeping clients!

He explains, “I could not have done it without the marketing program. I know this for a fact after the 5 previous attempts.”

Richard now has the confidence that he can secure new clients anytime he markets his practice. And while he loves his current location, which boasts a sign that can be seen two blocks away, he knows that his new-found marketing expertise would enable him to start a new business anywhere he needed to go.

Richard enjoys many benefits in owning a successful tax and accounting practice. He lives in a two-story condo above his office and has the best commute! Richard thinks his boss is the nicest guy, and the flexible work schedule and proximity to home enable him to be there whenever his disabled wife may need him.

As for the work Richard does, he loves helping individuals and small businesses succeed. He stands behind his work and talks to clients in such a way that they always feel respected. They’re also confident that there’s no problem with which Richard can’t help them.

When asked the key to his success, Richard says, “Just lucky—at least, that is what it looks like. Or it could be having the right office, having the right contacts, finding the right clients, getting referrals from everywhere, the right business card, a sign that can be seen two blocks away, and being a nice guy. Of course, some might say I have a good marketing program.”

And to those who may be considering Universal training, Richard says that unless you know more about starting and growing a practice, you should give Universal a try. “If you do,” he says, “the work you do will be successful.”