Roxee and Elizabeth

Although they had 30 years of combined accounting experience between them, Elizabeth and Roxee found themselves out of work a couple years ago. It seemed logical to consider launching their own bookkeeping business together, so when they saw an advertisement for Universal’s FREE Start Today Seminar, Roxee felt the timing was perfect!

Elizabeth was initially skeptical about attending, but she agreed to go as long they didn’t purchase anything. They enjoyed the seminar and gathered valuable information there. And yes, they heard about how Universal’s Professional Bookkeeper Program could provide them with the necessary skills and marketing expertise to launch a successful practice. And regardless of Roxee and Elizabeth’s professional experience, they had received no formal training and knew doing so would prove helpful in starting a bookkeeping service of their own.

After some coaxing from Roxee, Elizabeth eventually agreed that the Professional Bookkeeper Program would help them get a “jump start” on their dream. She’s never regretted that decision. Elizabeth and Roxee completed the training and successfully launched B.I.B. Consulting, LLC where they offer bookkeeping, tax and QuickBooks services.

Roxee says, “The Professional Bookkeeper training is helpful, but the marketing information is invaluable. We used the information and the proven marketing strategies for almost a year and gained a respectable number of monthly clients.” But after time, they felt they needed more marketing strategies to further boost their business.

About this time Universal called to ask if they wanted to participate in the Master Coaching Program which pairs students with seasoned professionals who help them implement proven marketing strategies designed to get a business up and running in three to six months. Roxee explains, “We listened to the ‘pitch’ and even before we decided to go for it we were presented with some useful ideas that we still use effectively today.”

After 12 weeks of Master Coaching by seasoned mentor Scott McKinley, Elizabeth and Roxee have become the sales and marketing experts of their own company with a solid marketing plan for the next six months.

Roxee encourages, “We would recommend the Professional Bookkeeper Program, the Universal Practice Builder Program and most of all the Master Coaching Program to anyone – from new starters to long-time bookkeepers. The information and confidence you gain is worth the price of admission.”