Sandra Berger

I don’t remember the exact words or who said it, but when I called Universal for help I heard…forget the business plan, you need to focus on getting clients. I followed Universal’s marketing plan to the T. I took another wrong turn and discovered, as Roger with Universal predicted, most to all churches have bookkeepers from their congregation to do the books. My first ten letters, in the third business I visited, I got my first client! Fortunately for me, my new client already established Quickbooks software with payroll services. I cannot begin to say how much I have learned from working with my first client! I called Universal Accounting Center for help. Alan said bring everything down! So I did. He went through each item and explained step by step what I needed to do. My hope is to attend Universal Accounting Center’s next tax class in the fall. Maybe I can prepare my client’s federal taxes for 2003! I cannot begin to thank all the people at Universal Accounting Center. Ken and Alan have always been patient and caring with me. Roger motivates me to keep my business growing through recruiting new clients. The office staff has always been courteous. Patience and kindness go a long way when it feels like you are out there on your own. Universal Accounting Center provides me with that home base feeling that I am not alone; there is support and assistance if I need it. Thank you Universal for helping me to realize my dream. I should have started recruiting clients as soon as I completed the course. Roger was a big help in getting me started with recruiting clients. As a freelance entrepreneur it is crucial to have supportive affiliation.