Stephan Garland

Just wanted to drop a quick note about my thoughts on Universal Accounting’s course and what it has done for me.

About four years ago my wife purchased the Universal Accounting program and never finished it. She thought it would be something I would like and encouraged me to complete the course in her place, and I did just that.

After completing the course, I took on a few clients and kept their books as a part time income, for about a year. Then, last year I was laid off from my position at a large multi-national IT Company.

Thanks to the training provided by Universal Accounting and the severance package from my employer, my departure came without the stress normally associated with a layoff, I happily left my job with a smile and a plan. I’d decided right there, that I would take my bookkeeping service fulltime.

Within one year I was able to turn my part time bookkeeping service into a fulltime business which currently employs three others besides me (two part-time and one full-time employee). My current revenue is over $12000.00/month with new clients coming on board at a rate of 3-4/per month with an average billing of $300.00/month.

I like offer my thanks, to Allen Bostrom and Universal Accounting for providing the vehicle to success, through bookkeeping; without it, my dream of a business of my own would not have become a reality.