V. B.

Thank you very much for the terrific bookkeeping course. I have just completed it and must tell you that this is undoubtedly the best bookkeeping/accounting course I have ever taken. I really learned a lot from your vast experience and expertise.

I was not new to accounting when I started it. I have taken accounting classes at the University before, however, your course gave me not only the experience in handling the books for quite a varity of businesses but most of all the confidence to start my own bookkeeping practice. I enjoyed the classes immensely. I liked very much the way you presented many of the accounting principles and concepts: you really made it look very simple and logical.

Also, many thanks for the newsletters. What a marvelous wealth of information! The same can said about the Universal Accounting Center’s website which is one of the best I have seen in the recent times.

Once again, many, many and many thanks for the course. What I have learned from it , no school has ever given me.