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Thank you for your interest in Universal Accounting®and congratulations on making a positive move toward getting certified, starting or growing your own business You’ve completed the 1st part of the application process. An Advisor will help you through the rest of the process (don’t worry, it’s painless). If you have immediate questions, give us a call at +1 (801) 855 6550 Universal Accounting® is committed to your success in your accounting career. Click the Play button below to discover what you’ll learn and how this knowledge will change your life.

 Congratulations again. We’re so pleased you’re interested in joining the Universal Accounting® community and we look forward to being a partner in your journey.

Universal Accounting has placed many of our training programs online, enabling students to take advantage of all the convenience and versatility the Internet has to offer. Videos, instructional text, case studies, learning exercises and answer keys are all just a few clicks away. So once you enroll, there’s no wait for bulky and cumbersome materials; you simply enter your username and password to get started! View a sample of our courses now by logging into with the following credentials:

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  • Password: sample99

Universal’s online training programs include the following courses:

  • Dental Bookkeeping Made Easy trains students in the specific application of accounting principles to the lucrative and growing field of dentistry.
  • Through the Professional Bookkeeper Program, students master small-business accounting, a niche market where over 80% of accounting opportunities reside.
  • The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks exposes students to all the features and shortcuts of the most popular accounting software on the market, enabling graduates to increase their service offers and/or employable skills.
  • The Professional Tax Preparer Program, a QAS (Quality Assurance Service) sponsored self-study course, trains students in the successful completion of individual and business returns while also enabling them to earn valuable CPE credits.
  • Graduates use the Universal Practice Builder Program to better promote their services and secure quality clients so that they can build more lucrative accounting and/or tax practices.

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The same stellar instructional materials that have blessed the lives of tens of thousands of graduates are now available in an electronic format. While UAC will still produce hardcopy versions of their training programs, they hope that this effort will not only offer students a more convenient training option but that it will also minimize their impact on the environment as production of paper manuals, DVDs and the plastic cases they’re shipped in is significantly reduced.

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