Seizing the Moment


Too often in life, the power of choice determines our future. Clarity of purpose and goals ensures success.

What does all of that mean? Let’s figure it out.

Consider this, the dying wish of someone on their deathbed. What wisdom do they have to impart with us still in mortality:

1. I wish I had the courage to fulfill my Dreams
2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard
3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings
4. I wish I could have spent more time with my Friends/Family
5. I wish I had smiled and stayed happier
6. I wish I was nicer to people
7. I wish I had Worked on my Inner beauty rather than Outer
– Top 7 Life Regrets and Lessons taught by People on Deathbed by Payal Bansal and Lessons for life

Realizing now that life is short, notice that 1 & 2 are related to the time we spend and the work we do. Items 3 through 7 are attitudes, feelings, relationships. Understanding part of life is the journey to become a better person, being true to ourselves and convictions is important. What we are going to focus on now is are our work and our dreams.


Do we work for ourselves or someone else? This is not a question asking who writes the payroll check but first a question of why we work. Is the work that we do rewarding, is it a career we are proud of. Are we good at what we do, in fact, are we the best at what we do? Does it make a difference? At the end of the day, is the world a better place because of what we’ve done?

Consider for a moment these words of Steve Jobs:

Is “fear” running your life? Success is a result of not being afraid, always remember you are your own brake that can hold you back. It’s now time to take it off and move forward, it’s time to experience success.

How do you live each day?

Is it time for a Change?

You’ve got to find what you love!

For many of us, we have multiple passions or interests. Realizing you are reading this page it is safe to assume you love accounting, you enjoy numbers, you believe you can help small businesses. Now is the time to Start and Build Your Own Successful Accounting practice.

Now What?

Starting and Building a Successful Accounting, Bookkeeping and/or Tax Practice takes commitment and dedication. Taking action to move forward is key. Following a proven plan insures your goals. Work with Universal Accounting Center to guarantee your business success.

Universal Accounting® Mission

Our Mission Statement promises: To equip students with the education, skills and confidence needed to enjoy a successful career in full-charge accounting, bookkeeping and tax.

We assist accounting and tax firms in building more profitable client bases. We help individuals start and enhance their careers in accounting and tax so that they can receive the promotions that they deserve and earn what they are worth. We take businesses from red to black so that they can be successful and increase their profits.

Universal Accounting® believes that the role of accounting is a proactive one. The accountant should be the Growth and Profit Expert; regular accounting is the asset that every business needs in order to be profitable. Universal Accounting® is committed to creating a positive paradigm shift in the role that accounting plays in business.

Remember; “If it’s about accounting, it’s Universal.”

Like most professions there are many areas to specialize and accounting is no different. It’s more than just the titles of Accountant, Bookkeeper, Tax Preparer. It’s industry, certification, education. When choosing to work with small businesses, more than 90% of the economy, there are certain designations that represent that emphasis such as a Professional Bookkeeper, Professional Tax Preparer, QuickBooks Specialist, QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

Who are you? What do you do in your accounting career?

How can you become a Profit and Growth Expert?

Being one of the “Best of the Best” home-based businesses to start and build Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax have many advantages. Learn why this is worth pursuing and what to do to succeed.

Often when starting a business there are several questions that we ask ourselves. Understand the marketing for accounting, bookkeeping and tax services. Learn what you can expect as you start and build your accounting practice.

Working with small businesses as an accountant or bookkeeper is a unique service. It is key to the success of the client but often the business owners struggle to understand the information and services being offered.

The Professional Bookkeeper program certifies bookkeepers as being proficient in the day to day application of accounting in small business. It helps the account and bookkeeper market and service the small business community with an emphasis on getting and keeping the clients.

Become a Successful Professional Bookkeeper

Within small business, QuickBooks is the most common software in use. Because of this most any accountant, bookkeeper and/or tax preparer needs to be competent with its use. Often the success and profitability of a bookkeeping firm are directly tied to its use and proficiency with QuickBooks.

Become a QuickBooks Specialist, QS with the Professional Bookkeepers Guide to QuickBooks.

Becoming a tax expert is more than just doing taxes. Become certified in the preparation of individual and business returns.

Get the skills to have the confidence and competence to start and build a successful accounting practice as a Professional Tax Preparer, PTP.

Follow a turnkey system to building a successful accounting practice. For more than 35 years Universal Accounting Center has identified the process to find and service business clients.

For those interested in proactive business accounting software BizBench is the solution. Rather than guess how a business compares to industry standards run this report and with the help of RMA data see how the business compares. Get action items to use throughout the year to improve margins and ratios.

Taking an established accounting practice and helping it expand into the premier accounting service is the focus of the Universal Practice Builder. Whether is it getting more clients and/or offering more services this is the program to follow.

Helping businesses have access to the capital and line of credits that they need is key. Becoming a Financing Consultant enables you to properly assist and prepare the necessary documents for them.

Learn how to market and offer these services. Get paid well for your services.

Often within the accounting community itself, there is confusion between what is accounting, and what is bookkeeping. Forget the layperson and let’s have a candid discussion. What services should you offer?

Some choose to refer to bookkeeping as write-up work, it’s bookkeeping.

* Disclaimer, unfortunately, there are some states where the terms accountant and accounting have been regulated such that regardless of the services offered only CPA’s or degreed accountants can refer to themselves as such. This is no different than a doctor doing the work of a nurse and still referring to themselves as a doctor. If you are paid to be a nurse, and you do nursing, you’re a nurse.

When working with small businesses there are specific accounting credentials and or designations that represent qualified accounting services.

Professional Bookkeeper, PB
* Proficient in the day-to-day accounting procedures in small business
* Accounting, Bookkeeping, Write-up services

QuickBooks Specialist
* Certified in the use of QuickBooks as a bookkeeper

Professional Tax Preparer
* Certified in the preparation of Individual and Business Returns

Accounting is the Language of Business. As an accountant do we interpret the bookkeeping for the small business to use. Are we a good doctor helping and advising our clients or a coroner, only see them at the end of the year when it is too late? Become a Profit and Growth Expert.

Listen to Bill Brough as he describes his Successful Tax Practice. Consider his likes and preferences as you start and build your practice.

Working with small business owners often involves giving accounting information to individuals who struggle to understand the information. Becoming a Profit and Growth Expert enables you to communicate the accounting information in a way that a business owner can understand and use in the day to day operations. Understanding what the accounting information says about a business empowers the owner to make more informed decisions. Become for your clients a Profit and Growth Expert

Learn what the Secret to Success = Confidence & Competence

1. Trust Yourself
2. Break the Rules
3. Don’t be Afraid to Fail
4. Don’t listen to the “Nay Sayers”
5. Work Your Butt Off (no pain, no gain)
6. Give Back

Are you ready to move forward? Now is the time for your success, this is Your Time! So, how bad do you want it?

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”

Develop the desire for success

Have courage and become an entrepreneur!!! ????

What is your motivation? For some it is to supplement an income, for others, it is building a business, their primary income. Others are driven to be paid what they are worth, they have the credentials, they have the experience, they’ve put in the time and paid the price in their career, now is time to be paid what they are worth. Some are driven to find the freedom of being their own boss, working the hours they want, when they want, with whom they want. Building a successful practice is rewarding both personally and professionally. In the end, it has worth and is of value, it can be sold. There are many other reasons why people start and build their own accounting, bookkeeping and/or tax practice, what is yours?

It’s okay to dream, don’t give up and don’t do it alone. Be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Now ask yourself, Who AM I? I Am A CHAMPION!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

It’s time to act. Call Universal Accounting and speak with a representative to share your goal for the year, where are you now and what you need to do in your market to achieve your goal. Today is the day, Call Now! 800-343-4827