#11 Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Yes, we do realize that this strategy is NOT for everyone.  However those who choose to take advantage of this method can gain quick respect as an expert and authority in their area.  Although it can be scary we can offer some suggestions to making this a more enjoyable way to market your services.

Volunteer your services as a public speaker.  There are a variety of different topics that you can choose to speak on.  Below are some examples of possible topics.

  • Why Businesses Fail (lack of understanding of “The Universal Business Model”)
  • Benchmarking Your Business
  • Finding Missing Profit in Your Financial Reports
  • Small Business Tax Issues

If public speaking causes you to break out in hives, or if you would just like to improve upon your skills we suggest joining Toastmasters International.

Toastmasters International is a non profit organization devoted to helping individuals improve their public speaking skills as well as the ability to run a successful meeting.