2011 Tech Trends

Technology seems to advance at the speed of light, and no longer can small-business owners watch idly on, thinking these changes won’t impact them.  The truth is, if professionals ignore these technological advances, their business might be the first thing that suffers.  Consider how the following 5 tech trends could improve how your run your practice:

1. Mobile devices. More and more business is being conducted on the go.  Smartphones have enabled users to send and receive data from wireless devices, and if you haven’t gotten on board yet, chances are you will soon.  While Apple still dominates the market with iPhone and iPad, Android made a considerable showing in 2011. But you aren’t limited to using these products if you want to access the Internet via your phone; Entrepreneur.com says that all the major phone carriers will be offering the ability to connect via your cell phone including Verizon, Sprint Nexel, AT & T, T-Mobil and some startups like Clearwire and Towerstream.  There’s no question that this trend will continue to dominate in 2011.

2. Touch-screen technology.  What started with iPhone will not end there.  A new line of office-based products are going to include touch-enabled screens which will increase available features and functionality considerably.  Your printer may never be the same as your manage tasks, including accessing the Internet, with the touch of a finger.  And with motion-controlled devices like Kinect making a showing, navigation isn’t likely to stop there.

3. Social networking.  Predictions are that social networking is unlikely to slow down in 2011.  Sites like FaceBook will continue to grow and add new features and applications.  Twitter and other microblogging sites will also continue to add new users who will find innovative ways of improving business with their growing features and functionality.

4. E-commerce. With the click of a finger, you can compare, evaluate and buy products online.  As the market responds to this, you’ll find that e-commerce becomes even more convenient in 2011.  In his VentureBeat article, Dean Takahashi says, “From gamification to changes in user interfaces, there is still plenty of innovation that could happen in the e-commerce market to transform online shopping into a more interesting and addictive experience.”

5. Electronic day planners. Entrepreneur.com writer Jonathan Blum anticipates that day planners will track more than just your schedule in the coming years.  He explains, “Starting next year, small Web-based business-automation tools will find their way into business software and begin offering opinions on everything from how you should manage tasks to how you arrange meetings and budget projects.”

Technology is no longer a thing reserved for computer geeks.  It’s important that you keep up with technology trends that can enhance the way you perform business.  It also won’t hurt your reputation as a current financial professional to be familiar with these technologies and how they affect you and your clients.

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