2013 Workplace Trends

Work trends continue to change and evolve as influenced by the economy, technology and the workforce. In a recent Entrepreneur.com article, author Dan Schawbel details “The Top 10 Workplace Trends of 2013.”  Here we share 5 of those trends:

1. More boomers retire. Baby boomers (those born in the post-World War II baby boom between 1946 and 1964) are set to leave the workforce, and leadership positions will be filled by Gen X and Y professionals.  Which group will dominate is yet to be seen.

2. The skills gap shrinks. As Schwabel explains, “As of this year, there are over 12 million people who are unemployed and 3.6 million open positions… I see the skills gap shrinking as new talent enters the workforce, companies work with schools to train the next generation workforce and people realize that they need new skills in order to get jobs.”

3. Women start to outpace men at work.  Schwabel estimates that over the next ten years one billion women will enter the workforce.  According to research, they are more educated than men and, as a result, will begin to fulfill leadership roles that were previously held by their male counterparts.

4. Working from home becomes mainstream.  Many companies have recognized the value in offering employees more flexibility, including the opportunity to telecommute.  Schwabel says, “While in years past flexibility programs were viewed as a perk, they will become more standardized and expected.”

5. Freelance nation booms.  The recession has changed the workforce, driving many into self-employment while others have chosen it for the freedom it affords.  Not only that, but corporations recognize the value in hiring a contractor to focus on a specific set of tasks rather than hiring full-time employees that will cost them in benefit packages.  According to NBC news, one third of US workers are freelancers.

Recognizing work trends enables you to take advantage of the unavoidable workforce changes.  What 2013 trends will you take advantage of?

The Professional Bookkeeper Program

Over 30 years ago Universal Accounting Center (UAC) recognized a need.  Small businesses were failing as the result of poor financial management.  And the majority of accountants were not trained to respond to their unique needs.  In creating the Professional Bookkeeper (PB) Program, UAC designed a course that trains students in the day-to-day tasks required by small business.  The PB program not only produces small-business accountants, but Profit Experts who enable the small-business owner to make more informed and lucrative business decisions.

When you enroll in the Professional Bookkeeper Program you have access to the following:

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The Universal Practice Builder (UPB) Program

While you may feel comfortable managing a small business’s books, promoting those services may feel a bit more foreign.  The Universal Practice Builder Program is designed to train you how to promote your practice in order to experience significant growth and profitability.  Imagine all that you could learn from our experience training thousands of individuals like you!

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Schawbel, Dan.  “The Top 10 Workplace Trends of 2013.” 21 October 2013  Forbes.com