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QuickBooks has more than an 80% share of the small business accounting software market. Because of this, Universal Accounting® has taken the training offered in the Professional Bookkeeper™ program and applied it to the QuickBooks Pro software to provide the skills and experience necessary to become a QuickBooks Specialist.

Becoming a QuickBooks Specialist™ certifies your expertise with QuickBooks. It also demonstrates your commitment to being the best.

With millions of small businesses already using QuickBooks, and the majority of accounting positions with small businesses requiring expertise in QuickBooks, this designation can give you a competitive advantage.

To evidence your expertise in QuickBooks Pro, Universal Accounting gives those achieving a 90% or better score on their QS final exam the QuickBooks Specialist™ (QS) designation. This designation is only available to Universal students of The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks.

This designation will distinguish you as proficient in setting up new businesses, working with company files, and consulting in QuickBooks Pro capabilities and issues. It will increase your credibility as a successful freelance bookkeeper/accountant.

Learn Quickbooks and how you can become certified as a .

The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks. This is the “companion course” to The Professional Bookkeeper program and dovetails perfectly. Once you’ve mastered the full charge accounting process manually, it is time to learn the most popular and widely used software of small business America. The QuickBooks course will enable you to do so. It is 30 completion hours, and again, utilizes the 3 step educational approach: watch the video lessons online, read the corresponding lessons, and then apply those lessons. You will learn more than 280 technical aspects of the software; you will also complete 8 of the 11 Professional Bookkeeper case studies, by now setting these companies up in QuickBooks, customizing preferences, setting up the chart of accounts, doing the books, payroll, preparing customized financial reports, making adjusting entries, doing quarterly and year end work, converting from cash to accrual systems, etc. You will gain practical mastery of the software which will enable you to do the work for your employer and/or your clients in an efficient and proficient manner. There are 5 modules of learning; practice exams after each module, followed by a final certification exam. With 70% or better, you receive your certificate of completion; with 90% or better, you are certified as a QuickBooks Specialist – another nationally recognized credential.

Universal Accounting’s QuickBooks certification course is the most comprehensive QuickBooks course available today. You will learn over 200 technical aspects of this software. This course will prepare you to teach QuickBooks. There is a vast market for QuickBooks instructors and many of our students do this as their primary focus.

By passing the Universal Accounting Center’s Certification exam at 90% or higher, you will be a certified QuickBooks instructor. As a QS, you can earn $75-$100 an hour teaching QuickBooks to other bookkeepers, for corporations, in your own QuickBooks courses, adult education and community colleges.

Topics Covered
Module I How QuickBooks Works in Your World
How QuickBooks Works
Accounting 101
QuickBooks Accounting 101
Mastering Navigation Basics
Getting Help and Finding and Correcting Mistakes
Setting Up a New Company
Modifying and Setting Company Preferences
Introduction to Reporting

9 Hands-On Practice Lessons
QuickBooks Software
Open Companies
Set-up Accounts
Assign Account Types
Installing PB Files
Set-up a New Company
Standard Reports
See the Difference

Module II Customers & Sales – The Sales Cycle Topics Covered
Creating Customers
Lists in QuickBooks
The Items List
Invoices from Estimates
Invoicing for Time and Costs
Invoicing from Scratch
Money – Receiving Payments and Depositing in the Bank
Troubleshooting Your Customer Management

10 Hands-On Practice Lessons
Adding Customers
QuickBooks Lists
Set-up a Service Item
Set-up Non-Inventory
Set-up a Group Item
Creating Estimates
Time on Invoices
Receiving Payments
Sales Receipts
QuickBooks Deposits

Module III Vendors and Bills – Keeping Your Suppliers Happy Topics Covered
Creating Vendors
Purchase Orders
Entering Bills
Paying Bills
Entering Checks
Checking Account-Associated Transactions
Reconciling the Bank Account
Credit Card Transactions

10 Hands-On Practice Lessons
Adding Vendors
Enter a PO
Enter a Bill
Pay Bills
Enter Checks
City Clothing – Practice Company
Stewart’s Bakery – Practice Company

Module IV Mastering Advanced QuickBooks Topics Covered
Setting up Payroll
Paying Employees and the Government
Sales Tax
Customizing and Printing Your Reports
Customizing and Printing Your Forms
Security – Protecting Your Information
Year-End Procedures
Finding Transactions and Saving Time
The Universal Business Model (From In The Black)

7 Hands-On Practice Lessons
Do Payroll Setup
Invoice for Time
Barry’s Gas and Groceries – Practice Company
Sales Tax Group
City Cycle – Practice Company
C.R. Construction – Practice Company
Year-End Closing

Upon completion of this course, you will take several practice exams. Then you will go online and take your final exam. A passing grade of 90% or higher, certifies you as a QuickBooks Expert. You are now certified to teach QuickBooks and use the designation, ‘QS’.

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