Achieve Geometric Growth

service“More sales calls?  New marketing strategies?  Sure.  But for some of you, that won’t be enough.  I’m talking about refining or expanding the lineup of products or services you offer, or changing the way you sell them.” – Randy Myers, “How to Boost Sales in a Deflated Economy”

Randy Myers of recommends that you consider expanding your service offerings in order to increase your profitability.  Doing so will enable you to achieve geometric growth which is accomplished by increasing revenue from multiple sources: revenue from existing clients interested in new services as well as revenue from new clients interested in both new and existing services.Luckily, there are a lot of services that complement accounting, making them the perfect addition to your service offerings.  Here are just a few:

Tax Preparation

When you start a tax practice, you are well on your way to personal and professional success. Every business and individual must prepare and file taxes. It’s the law. And as you become the “tax expert” for your clients, you will find more and more opportunities to impact the profitability and health of their businesses.  Not only that, but tax preparation can be extremely lucrative.  Consider that first-time preparers submit tax forms for 50 clients, charging an average of $150 each.  They make, roughly, $7500 working the 45 days before April 15th, and that’s before they have had much time to build a solid clientele.  For many people, this represents 3 months of salary.  That’s an appealing consideration when thinking about increasing your services.Becoming a Professional Tax Preparer is easier than you might imagine.  With Universal Accounting’s self-paced training program, you can learn everything you need to know about filing both personal and business returns for your clients.  A year from now, you could be enjoying a busy and profitable tax season.

QuickBooks Consulting

In becoming a QuickBooks Specialist, you would have numerous opportunities to bring in more business, increase your income, and make your job easier.  You can start small by offering QuickBooks set-up and consultation services for $65-$95 per hour. You’ll find companies who want to perform accounting tasks themselves, but need help configuring QuickBooks to meet their needs.  With QuickBooks expertise, YOU can provide that help.You can compliment your QuickBooks services by offering QuickBooks support.  Consider this: Intuit charges $75 an incident and $349-$600 per year for support.  That’s too pricey for most small business owners.  You could offer QuickBooks support for a more reasonable fee and draw in more clients in need of a little QuickBooks help.Universal Accounting Center’s self-paced program, the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide (PBG) to QuickBooks, enables you to complete the parts that interest you and skip over the parts that don’t. Even if you have used the software for years, this program teaches you shortcuts and methods you may not have previously known. You will be impressed by the simple flow and completeness of this programFor a small price you can purchase the PBG, enabling you to earn that valuable QuickBooks Specialist designation.

Financial Consulting

Help clients prepare those formidable small business loan packages as a financial consultant.  Our manual, Financing a Small Business, is packed with clear-cut instructions and terrific resource materials that will simplify the creation of a loan application package.  Using the sample loan package included as a model, you can easily help clients apply for a valuable business loan.  Within hours you can begin offering your services as a financial consultant.  Increase your value and achieve balance.  Order your copy now!Adding services that complement your current offerings is easier than you might have imagined.  By enrolling in any of the above programs, you’ll find that you can achieve geometric growth by year’s end.Resource

Myers, Randy.  “How to Boost Sales in a Deflated Economy.” 18 January 2010