Are You Sabotaging Your Own Success?


In these tough economic times, it’s perfectly natural to brace for the worst.  In fact, your fight-or-flight instincts are probably in high gear, causing you to second guess any and all risky business decisions.  Unfortunately, that can be a death sentence to entrepreneurialism which thrives on taking calculated risks. 

While survival instincts are completely natural, nursing them to the extreme creates self-sabotage which will eventually run your business into the ground.  If you want to choose success and take measures to avoid self-sabotage, we suggest 6 simple tips:

1. Change your definition of failure. Generally individuals avoid risk because they fear failure.  However, the truly successful have discovered that failure is just part of the success curriculum.  Failure provides you with valuable lessons; it can school you on what you need to know to enjoy greater success next time.  So change your definition of failure and be prepared to learn often on your journey to success.

2. Surround yourself with positive people. Hanging around negative naysayers can be draining.  On the contrary, surrounding yourself with positive people can be energizing.  When you associate with individuals who are optimistic and encouraging, you’ll find their perspective is contagious; you and your business will be better for it.

3. Avoid negative self-talk. As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or can’t – you are right.”  You are often your own worst enemy, and negative self-talk may be your greatest obstacle in avoiding self-sabotage.  Listen to what you tell yourself throughout the day.  Do you see yourself as a competent, accomplished individual, or are you constantly chastising yourself for what you perceive as mistakes and missteps? 

4. Follow your passion. We are excited and optimistic when doing what we love.  This makes it much easier to avoid the negativity associated with self-sabotage.  Consider what you’re currently doing to make a living; does it inspire excitement and joy?  If not, consider what profession would.

5. Day dream. It’s important that you take the time to imagine success.  The brain can’t tell the difference between reality and your imagination.  If you imagine yourself earning a promotion or getting a stellar job, you’ve tricked the brain into believing you’ve done that already, paving the way for reality.  And the more you visualize it, the more the subconscious begins thinking and doing those things that will prepare you to actually accomplish what you’re visualizing.

6. Act. You can be the most positive person on the planet, but unless you act on your aspirations, you will accomplish nothing.  Plan to accomplish one thing per week that will bring you closer to your professional goals. 

You can avoid self-sabotage by making a conscious effort to think and act more positively.  By applying these 6 simple techniques, you can choose success and enjoy the journey to increased profitability.

Invest in Staff Training

While staff training sometimes requires a significant investment, the return is found in greater employee retention, morale and overall production, making it a low-risk venture.  Universal Accounting offers staff training in three general areas, designed to improve a business’s overall efficiency:

1. Business Management Training. Universal provides onsite training for management to help develop a level of communication within a company that will lead to greater profits.

2. Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Training for Your Staff.  All too often, accounting and tax staff operate with a “task mentality,” passively fulfilling their job requirements.  Universal’s onsite and independent training provides each employee with the skills and abilities necessary to become their company’s profit center.

3. General Training.  Universal Accounting has developed a proven program to help non-accounting employees understand their function and importance within the business model. At the close of this training, each employee will understand how their position benefits the company; they will improve their skills in performing important responsibilities that will greatly benefit the company’s profitability.

To learn how UAC’s onsite staff training can benefit your business, call 1-800-343-4827.

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