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Taking Advantage of Universal’s Special Enrollment Offer

Universal Accounting is dedicated to the benefits received by the students enrolled in each of our comprehensive training programs. You gain this highly specialized training when you enroll with Universal, the training that makes the difference in the accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation business. We at Universal have searched, designed, and incorporated in the coursework what you need to have to reach the professional goals of supplementing your income and to turn it into a thriving and robust business.Here’s what a few of our many students had to say about the effect that their enrollment had on their professional lives.Krista Farmer“When I first heard of the Professional Bookkeeper program I already had 10 years of accounting under my belt. I had even managed an accounting department at a major university, so I wasn’t lacking in skills or experience. What universities don’t teach you about accounting is how to create a successful accounting and bookkeeping service out of the knowledge they teach. That’s where the Professional Bookkeeper program really came to the rescue. The Professional Bookkeeper program gives even the most experienced accountants the real-world skills they need to turn accounting knowledge into a great income!””Since I am not a risk taker by nature, I eased my way into my bookkeeping and accounting practice. Fortunately, the marketing tips provided in the program are so adjustable that I could use them to help build my business as slowly or as aggressively as I wanted, and so I have met my goal.”Wayne N. Reeves, CPA“I purchased the course from Universal Accounting for the purpose of renewing my CPA license. I was delighted to discover that this course renewed and refreshed the skills I acquired in my Masters Degree program, as well as the many years of experience I have as a CPA.””The best part of the course for me were the tapes on marketing my services. I sat down and listened to numerous strategies for marketing accounting services, and a flood of creative ideas flowed into my brain along with the actual nuts and bolts of how to build my practice. I can easily attest that the purchase of this course has been one of the best investments I have made in my career as a CPA.””I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about establishing or expanding a career in accounting.”Chuck Roberts“I would highly recommmend the Universal Accounting course to anyone interested in sharpening their job skills and/or starting their own business. The time and money invested in this course is just that – an investment.”The Investment in Yourself – The Profit ExpertEnrolling in the Professional Bookkeeper’s and the Universal Practice Builder is the best way to be able to answer what all small businesses are in dire need of – a Profit Expert for their company. When you gain the expertise and training that Universal provides you, a Profit Expert is what you will become. The investment in yourself will allow you to be able to check, and maintain your client companies’ financial stability. It will allow you to be able to guide the company in their financial decisions as they move in their marketplace. It will also allow you to help your client companies to plan their financial futures with sound accounting and tax saving practices that you will have had prior experience with, all made possible by the training received from Universal Accounting.Universal’s Special Enrollment OfferAdd into the training, the know-how of how to best navigate and use to your client’s benefit Intuit’s QuickBooks software, and you have the Universal’s special year-end offer! We’ve spotlighted the Professional Bookkeeper’s program, and the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks these last few weeks for a reason, to get to you the best savings possible before the offer ends.The recent discounts available will be changing.The best time is now to gain the course materials that will change your business and professional life. You will still be able to learn at your own pace and take in each portion of the program the way you would like it, but if you act now you will be able to lock in the current discount amount for tomorrow’s learning.

Dedication to the right training, making the right contacts, with the proper strategies and marketing tactics for our students is what Universal Accounting’s Programs are all about. You and your training make the difference in the degree of success you experience. We have the training covered, it is up to you to take the next step by.

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