Become Business-Ready in 2014

startup-quiz2Universal Accounting Center (UAC) is in the business of creating opportunities for financial professionals like you.  Over 30 years ago we recognized the need for a training program that would teach individuals small-business accounting.  University and vocational programs were not doing the job; graduates were only prepared to perform accounting for large businesses which comprise less than 10% of accounting opportunities.  Small businesses, which were growing daily, were in need of accountants and bookkeepers who could attend to their special needs.

That need continues to exist all these years later.  In fact, with the continued growth of small businesses and more than half of them failing within five years due to poor financial management, this is a niche market in desperate need of profit and growth experts: individuals who can analyze financial data and help small-business owners make lucrative decisions. You can become a profit and growth expert in a matter of weeks.

Universal Accounting Center’s Special Business Package

In order to help you expand your business and generate more clients, UAC has two programs that will help you be business-ready in 2014. The package includes training that will enable you to earn the money you deserve.

The Professional Bookkeeper Program

This program not only teaches you small-business accounting, but it will train you how to market these valuable services!  In less than 60 hours you could earn the Professional Bookkeeper Designation, indicating to current and potential clients that you have the expertise that will benefit their business.

The Professional Tax Preparer Program

Universal Accounting is the only organization authorized to award Professional Tax Preparer (PTP) certification. This is an exclusive designation that shows that you are proficient in personal and small-business tax preparation.  The PTP certification gives your clients the confidence that you have mastered hands-on tax preparation with an emphasis on small business tax returns.

Not only that, but the PTP Program is unlike any other tax training course available on the market today. Although similar to other courses in that it provides training on the common 1040 forms, the Professional Tax Preparer Program also offers additional training in in-depth marketing strategies; partnership, limited liability, and corporate returns; fee schedules; interviewing techniques, and much, much more.

2014 promises to be your banner year!  Purchase this business-ready package now and you can expand your business in the New Year.  Call Universal at 1-877-833-7909 to start today!