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Open Your Mouth and Get the Word Out

A picture of a business woman's mouth. You’ve possibly seen the pizza guy, standing on the corner with his sign, doing the two-step while he urges patrons to come in and order a couple large pepperonis. You’ve also probably seen those poor employees wearing silly costumes outside small businesses, trying to draw in costumers. That’s one brand of marketing. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to do the same. In fact, we’re suggesting a much tamer promotion that just requires you to do one thing: tell people what you do.Imagine all the places you go: the grocery store, the mechanic, the post office, church, the office supply store, your neighbor’s. And all those people you talk to, even briefly, file taxes every year.Now we’re not telling you to be pushy. People talk about their jobs all the time; we’re just asking you to do the same – tell people that you file taxes and would be happy to file theirs if they’re interested. But how do you go about it? We have three easy methods that should get you a number of referrals:

1. Prepare an elevator speech.An elevator speech is like a quick infomercial about you and your business that can be delivered in the time it takes an elevator to carry its occupants to their floor. An elevator speech is something you hone and practice so that at opportune moments you can network effectively, explaining what you do and why you do it so well that everyone deserves to hear about it. It should be no longer than 60 seconds; in fact, 30 seconds is the perfect length. Provide details so that it’s not generic and dry. And practice your elevator speech so that it has a natural, conversational tone. End with a request; ask for referrals or simply ask them to take your business card.2. Hand out your business card.This is the shy business owner’s method of advertising. If you don’t want to give a windy spiel about your services, just hand people your business card and say something simple like, “I prepare taxes. If you ever need help, give me a call.” That’s a low-pressure approach to marketing; no one will feel obligated or pressured to do anything. But they’ll have your card, and can refer to it later when they need tax help. Just be sure you always have some handy (you never know; your son’s kindergarten teacher just might need a tax preparer).3. Ask current clients for referrals.Our real estate agent called himself the Bird-Dog Realtor. He was confident and on-the-ball, and after I got used to phone calls from “Bird-Dog,” I really began to appreciate his work. His business card had a note on the back, asking us to refer family and friends if we liked his work. That was definitely one way to ask for referrals. And Bird Dog had it right; you want satisfied costumers to do your marketing for you. Who best will give glowing reviews of your work but a trusted individual who has been happy with your work in the past? Family and friends are looking for tax preparers who come with testimonials, and who better to give them but your own clients? And all you need to do is tell your clients “If you’re happy with my work, please refer your friends and family.” Pick your time wisely – you want ask for referrals when the client feels positively about your work. And give them a couple business cards so they’ll be able to pass on your contact information.

Other Marketing Approaches

Obviously, there are countless other marketing approaches that can help you get and keep clients. But we know that you didn’t get into this business because you love marketing. You prepare taxes because that’s what you’re good at. But in order for your business to thrive you need to market as well.

UAC Provides You with Valuable Business Helps

The Art and Science DVD logoIf you are looking for other ways to get the word out order our DVD, “The Art and Science of Getting Clients.” You’ll learn how to access effective marketing techniques that can help you grow your tax practice by $30,000 to $125,000 per year!Introduction to the Professional Bookkeeper Program logoBut don’t stop there. Consider learning about expanding your business by adding bookkeeping services to your menu. Learn more about our Professional Bookkeeper Program and order our DVD “Introduction to the Professional Bookkeeper Program.”Start Today DVD logoAnd if you do that you’ll also want to know how to “Start Today and Have Your Own Bookkeeping Service”; this video will let you know how you can build your own accounting practice from the ground up.

If you order these DVD’s the worse case scenario is you’ll add valuable materials to your professional library for a very small cost. Best case scenario is you’ll change the course of your career and enjoy a lucrative business with an unending stream of clients who find your services to be priceless. Don’t wait to boost your business potential. Order our special DVD 4-pack today!

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