Bookkeeping Express Announces a 2 for 1 Franchise Offer

Bookkeeping Express, the only US franchise focused solely on providing certified bookkeeping services to small businesses, has announced a 2 for 1 spring deal.  Those who qualify can purchase 2 territories for the price of one, saving a total of $35,000!

Strategic partner of Universal Accounting Center, Bookkeeping Express enables financial professionals to launch their own franchise, which promises the following:

  • Low investment.  While the average franchise startup investment may have been $250,000 three years ago, many rapid-growth franchises today have total investments of $125,000.  A Bookkeeping Express startup is less than $75,000.
  • Rapid breakeven.  Many of the fastest growing franchises boast a breakeven point within the first 18 months of operation.
  • High margins.  According to CPA Trendlines, accounting and bookkeeping firms are posting some of the strongest profit margins in this economy.
  • Strong demand for service offering.  Bookkeeping is a must-do service offering that does not ebb and flow with the economy.

And while the franchise industry can boast a 3% growth this past year, Bookkeeping Express has experienced a 30% franchise growth for its second year in a row!  They have thrived in a recessive market because of all the benefit they offer through the BKE Franchise Community which includes a turn-key business model, a franchise development program, national partnerships, lead assistance programs, and much more!

The BKE Franchise Community includes an entrepreneurial coaching program which does the following:

  • Identifies leads for your business
  • Captures opportunities
  • Trains in creative thinking
  • Trains in necessary communication skills
  • Helps you become more business savvy
  • And more!

In addition to the Franchise Community benefits, you will be given, first-hand, innovative strategies and steps to successful entrepreneurship and new venture formation.

Today Bookkeeping Express boasts more than 40 locations in the US, 3 licensed offices in Canada and plans to open more than 400 new territories!  Franchisees that take advantage of this 2 for 1 deal have the chance to claim prime territories and shape the franchise itself.

Bookkeeping Express believes they can help you fulfill your financial goals and succeed in launching a Bookkeeping Express franchise.  Greg Jones, Chief Executive Officer of BookKeeping Express says, “Entrepreneur Magazine has named Bookkeeping Express one of the fastest-growing franchise systems.  If you are looking to expand/grow your business, Bookkeeping Express can provide the tools for growth.”

See to your professional future today by taking advantage of this special spring deal.  Just mention the offer when you call 703-766-5757 or fill out the inquiry form at