Bookkeeping Express & UAC

Together with Universal Accounting Center℠’s, UAC,  renowned educational programs, BookKeeping Express’, BKE, enhanced training will focus on building a better bookkeeping business, marketing, business development, and providing a master coaching program to guide franchisees through the development of their business.

Bookkeeping Express & UAC“With our additional training services and partnership with the Universal Accounting Center℠, BookKeeping Express plans to help small businesses grow even more efficiently,” said Greg Jones, Chief Executive Officer of BookKeeping Express. “In return, we hope to continue on the fast track of franchise growth by offering proficient bookkeeping services across the country.”

With the enhanced training, BookKeeping Express will continue to emphasize its commitment to franchisee support with the Franchise Development Program. Each franchisee is assigned an individual coach to provide them with a step-by-step process to ensure business success.

Bookkeeping Express & UAC, Roger Knecht“Working to help market successful accounting and bookkeeping services is what we specialize in and this is what we expect to accomplish as we work with BKE franchisee’s” said Roger Knecht, President of UAC.

“It has been a pleasure working with UAC. It was quite insightful, I learned several techniques that are very helpful on managing the customers pipeline for great results.

Originally I saw the training as one of the benefits of being part of the BookKeeping Express franchise, but quite soon the value of the coaching became evident… During the coaching sessions I could see my confidence growing to speak to everyone about BookKeeping Express, it’s value to their business… At this point, I believe that we have a solid repeatable and scalable process to fill-in the pipeline and follow-through and I have the confidence to present myself and BookKeeping Express into any networking of sales situation…

Thank you for the support and the patience, keeping me accountable for the progress is definitively one the greatest benefits that I see from the program to jump start my business.


Rodolfo Palafox
BookKeeping Express Cambridge