Building a Stellar Staff

The truth is, the market is so saturated with qualified, yet unemployed individuals, that you can probably have the pick of the litter right now.  But you might have better luck building an exemplary organization with ordinary employees.  At least that’s what Jay Steinfeld claims in his BNET column entitled No-Nonsense Boss.  In his post called “How to Make Average Employees Extraordinary,” Steinfeld gives six tips on how to make that happen, four of which we share here:

1. Make your mission clear.  Like any organization, you would like to see your business succeed.  A clear vision can help you express what you would like your business to accomplish, enabling your employees to better understand your expectations.  Also, when part of your mission is to see employees improve, that will solidify their loyalty and support.

2. Create a healthy work environment.  When managing your own office, it’s important to know that you’ve created a healthy work environment for your employees.  The more satisfied your staff, the better they perform and the longer they stay—both of which contribute to your firm’s success.

3. Hire right. When you hire right, you increase your productivity with a support staff that can keep up with the onslaught of new work without losing sleep yourself.  Just be sure you hire individuals who are competent and who can handle the multiple tasks you will assign without a lot of supervision.

4. Coach and train. Offering constructive criticism is often not enough to enable employees to improve—you must demonstrate what needs to be done.  Whether you provide personal coaching or invite professionals to give onsite training, it’s important that you help them attain the skills they need to succeed.  When you do so, you are investing in one of your greatest assets while building your company and enhancing employee performance.  In addition, you’re giving them the opportunity to build their skill set, which, in this economic climate, is a tremendous job perk.

UAC Offers Onsite Employee Training

UAC has been training professionals for over 25 years in bookkeeping, accounting and tax services.  We know what your clients need; we know what your business needs.  And a knowledgeable, trained staff will do wonders for your bottom line.  Whether it be business management, accounting, or tax training, UA can provide complete, onsite training for your employees.  And regardless of their positions, we can help them understand how their work contributes to your business model.  This will go a long way in not only improving your business, but in building a stellar staff. Learn more by visiting UA’s website today!



Steinfeld, Jay.  “How to Make Average Employees Extraordinary.” 22 June 2011