Common Reasons for Failure

Failure is a fact of life, and it’s an obstacle from which many lessons can be learned.  But, if possible, wouldn’t you rather avoid failure altogether? 

In a recent article, author Deborah Shane shares “7 Reasons Why People Don’t Succeed,” arguing that all successful individuals encounter failure, but they are successful because they persevere.  Here are four of seven most common obstacles to success:

1. They Become Irrelevant.  Technology advances at the speed of light these days, and with it social media trends and consumer interests.  And while as a financial professional you may feel immune to these advances (accounting is still accounting, regardless of what people are tweeting), not staying current on these developments will cost you a competitive advantage.

2. They Lack Discipline, Focus and Balance.  You cannot be a successful entrepreneur without these three things.  Shane encourages entrepreneurs to approach their businesses with “Olympian discipline,” explaining that Olympic athletes “set their goals, surround themselves with a team of coaches and commit to a grinding, daily regimen of practice to achieve.”  This same mindset can be applied to managing a new business.

3. They Lack a Deep Sense of Belief in Themselves.  If you believe you’ll fail, than you might as well surrender your shingle now.  However, if you are convinced you’ll succeed, your chances of success are much greater.  If you find yourself lacking the necessary confidence to more forward, don’t despair.  You can change your thought patterns by practicing positive thinking.  Sometimes it just takes a little concentration to eliminate the negative self-talk we all engage in.

4. They Have Skills Gaps.  As Shane explains, “Make sure all your skills, certifications and qualifications are up to date and current for today’s standards.  No matter what career you are in, make sure you are adapting to and using the best practices today.”

The Professional Bookkeeper Program

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Shane, Deborah.  “Fail Much?  7 Reasons Why People Don’t Succeed.”   16 November 2014