Conducting Community College Courses

Increase Your Credibility and Get Paid Too

One of the better and more subtle methods you can use to enhance your image in the local community, and thus build your business, is to teach courses at the local community college. These courses are generally of 2 -3 hours duration on one day or can be spread over a number of weeks.

Expand Your Network to Find New Clients

In order to acquire new business you need to be out of your office, meeting people who are either prospective clients themselves or who are in a position where they can refer business to you. The classroom offers a great opportunity to meet people who will be impressed by your expertise and will either seek your help or mention you to their family members, relatives or friends who need assistance.

So What Can I Teach?

Your initial reaction may to say that there are no courses you could teach. This is definitely not the case! Courses spotlighting your expertise could include:

  • Manual bookkeeping and accounting
  • Computerised bookkeeping and accounting
  • Strategies to Reduce Tax
  • Personal Financial Management

It’s simply a matter of checking out what courses are offered at your local college and suggesting your suitability to conduct those particular courses or others you may feel are appropriate.

What Benefits Do You Get From Teaching?

The following benefits will accrue to you from conducting these courses:

  • The perception both with the college administration and within the classroom that you are an expert on the subject.
  • The opportunity to forward a press release to your local newspaper outlining your role in conducting the course – again enhancing your reputation.
  • Inclusion in the college program with details of all the courses offered by the college. The program is generally distributed to previous course attendees and goes far and wide. Even people not attending the class are going to notice that you have an association with the college.
  • Without doubt this experience will sharpen your public speaking and presentation skills and will lead to other roles which will see you speaking in front of an audience.

This is not a time to be bashful. You will not be confronted by a group of ‘Smart Alecs’ trying to show off their knowledge. Research has shown that only people who are keen to learn take the trouble to attend adult education courses in their own time.

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