Determine Exactly Who Comprises Your Target Market

Before you join networking groups and attend meetings, it makes good sense to ask yourself just who comprises your target market.

Focus Your Efforts on Your Target Market

It is this group that you need to focus your marketing activities on.There is little value in spending both your time and your money with groups whose membership doesn’t include people or businesses that you regard as being part of your target market.The “scattergun” approach of networking or generating referrals, while it can achieve some inconsistent favorable results and give you a “warm and fuzzy” feeling in the process, pales into insignificance when compared with targeted strategies.

Identifying Your Target Market

So just how do you identify your target market?Here are some suggestions that may help you:

  • Review your current client base and determine if there are any business or industry groups that are clearly defined
  • Are there are any particular business or industry groups in which you possess some special expertise?
  • Are there any business or industry groups with whom you especially enjoy working?
  • Do you have prior experience in any particular business or industry groups?
  • Are there any business or industry groups that you are not currently working with but would like to?

Armed with this information you should be able to draw up a target market hit list which will incorporate those business or industry groups you will focus attention on.You will now approach networking groups and marketing generally with such energy that you will surprise even yourself. The difference between scattergun and targeted marketing is like chalk and cheese.

Additional Marketing Training

Module 4 of our Professional Bookkeeper program, entitled “Building a Successful Accounting Service” describes other marketing methods to make your Accounting or Bookkeeping service grow!To see an overview of marketing concepts that the Professional Bookkeeper course will teach you Click HERE.