Ditch Your Cube and Launch a Business in 2011!


Pamela Slim, self proclaimed liberator of Cubicle Nation and author of a book that carries the same title, would tell you that it’s time to ditch your cube and launch your own business.  We believe there’s no better message for the New Year.  And if you haven’t already, it’s time to consider quitting your day job in order to become your own boss, effectively taking the reins of your professional future.

With the ongoing recession, job security has become a thing of the past.  Long gone are the “Leave it to Beaver” days when you retired from the same company that first hired you.  Traditional employment has changed to include frequent job hopping, the juggling of various part-time positions, and, you guessed, self employment.  If you’re looking to build your own job security, the answer may be in launching your own accounting practice.

Slim, though a proponent of self startups, doesn’t encourage you go cold turkey on your cube; she suggests you start a “side hustle,” or a part-time venture you pursue when off the clock.  In doing so, you can build a clientele while determining just how viable your prospective business is.  Can it completely sustain you and your family?  And perhaps you’ve been doing the side hustle for awhile and are looking for a word or two of encouragement before taking your practice full-time.  In that case, Run, Forrest, Run!

Preparation is Key

Whether doing the side hustle or ditching the cube completely, it’s important that you be fully prepared.  Often that comes in the form of training.  We suggest the Professional Bookkeeper program and the Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks.

Professional Bookkeeper (PB)

The PB Program is designed to train students in small-business accounting.  While others spend years in various training programs, this distance-learning course enables you to earn professional certification in 60 hours or less.  Not only that, but those other training programs prepare students to work with big businesses which comprise less than 20% of accounting opportunities.  It is small business that needs your attention and will provide you with a roster full of clients.

Whether you’ve spent years in the accounting industry or have yet to learn the difference between a debit and a credit, the Professional Bookkeeper Program will help catapult your professional life in a new and prosperous direction.  Here are just a few things this program enables you to do:

  • Master accounting for retail and wholesale businesses
  • Determine and establish the accounting method that best fits any given business
  • Set up an efficient system for a “ma & pa” manufacturing company
  • Track job costs simply and efficiently for a construction company
  • Effectively handle flooring for an inventory-financed business
  • Confidently consult with business owners on key business issues
  • Enter data quickly and accurately
  • Prepare payroll like a seasoned pro
  • Avoid costly IRS penalties
  • Spot and avoid dangerous trends before they become tragedies
  • Save a company thousands of dollars in auditing costs
  • Start your own bookkeeping and accounting business, using a step-by-step approach
  • Acquire clients quickly and cost-effectively

Imagine how these skills might it look in a brochure for your new accounting practice.  We’re confident that you recognize the value in acquiring this valuable expertise.

With over 25 year experience training professionals in small-business accounting, Universal Accounting Center understands your needs and your prospective clients and/or employer’s needs.  That’s what makes this training program so valuable.  And in addition to learning small-business accounting, you will also learn how to market your new-found skills, securing the clients necessary to sustain your new business venture!

Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks

The more complementary services you can master, the better, for your professional future or the longevity of your new business venture.  More than 80% of small business use QuickBooks software to manage their books.  Mastering QuickBooks will make you a QuickBooks authority, enabling you to offer QuickBooks seminars and attract more potential clients by demonstrating how they can use this product effectively.  The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide (PBG) to QuickBooks is designed to help you accomplish that.

Not only will the PBG enable you to manage your own books more efficiently, but it can increase your bottom line as you add QuickBooks consultation, help and setup services to your menu.  With hands-on training you can earn a second professional designation as a QuickBooks Specialist that will give you the creditability you need to either advance your career or convince prospective clients that you are an outstanding bookkeeper!

After successfully completing this program you will be able to do the following:

  • Enter, set up, and analyze books
  • Choose or create a chart of accounts designed specifically for your business
  • Write checks, collect payments, and make deposits
  • Track progress invoicing, bank draws and retainage to control your cash flow
  • Maintain, calculate and report payroll, including W2’s, 941’s and 940’s. Also create and track 1099’s for subcontractors
  • Track, collect, and pay city, county and state taxes
  • Track how much you or your clients are making or losing on each customer and/or job by assigning and tracking costs on specific jobs
  • Create budgets for jobs, customers, departments, or for your whole company and/or your clients’ companies
  • Create graphs that give you and your clients a whole new perspective on a company’s finances
  • Produce statements and use data to help clients make informed business decisions

With two simple courses you could be well on your way to launching a lucrative accounting practice.  And in less time than your peers might spend in a training program you could be enjoying the profitability of your newfound skills and expertise.

Don’t wait to change the course of your future.  Make 2011 a banner year, and enroll in the PB and PBG programs today!


Morrison, Kimberlee.  “How to Ditch Your Cube and Be Your Own Boss.” Sept. 2010 Entrepreneur.com

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