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Get the Professional Bookkeeper training course at the normal price and we will throw in our Financing a Small Business manual at no additional charge!This pricing is only available by clicking on one of the links below.

Click HERE to order the Professional Bookkeeper Program and the Financing a Small Business manual at no additional charge (see option 2 for financing).Click HERE to finance the Professional Bookkeeper Program and the Financing a Small Business manual, charged to all major credit or debit cards. Financing is only available in the United States and Canada.

If you have already purchased our Professional Bookkeeper program in the past, you can purchase just the Financing a Small Business manual at a discounted price by clicking HERE.

Universal Accounting’s Financing a Small Business Course

Financing a Small Business graphicThis 126-page manual is packed with clear-cut instructions and terrific resource materials that will make creating a loan application package easy. It even includes a sample loan package that you can model.

In addition, you will learn the inside scoop on how the financing industry evaluates loan applications, including tips that will put your application on top.The book comes with a CD containing helpful forms in developing a loan application package. Just load the file into any word processing program and you are ready to go.This book is a must-read for business owners interested in financing options or accountants in a position to give financial advice.We also include instructions on how you can even promote your service and earn $50 to $75 per hour on a part-time basis.The Table of Contents includes the following chapters:

1. Introduction2. Common Considerations to Business Success3. Borrowing Money4. Good Credit: a Necessity (and how to turn poor credit around)5. Choosing the Right Type of Financing6. Your Business Plan and Organizational Structure7. Information Regarding Federal and State Taxes8. SBA Financing9. Preparing for the Loan10. Sample Statements for Information GatheringAppendixA Sample Completed Loan ApplicationB Becoming a Financing EntrepreneurC Creating a Corporation

Earn $30 to $60 per hour with your own accounting and bookkeeping service

A woman works from home.Are you tired of working for what seems like an eternity, without ever getting ahead? Do you dream of becoming your own boss, making more money and being able to enjoy it? Do you wish you had more free time to spend with your family, or pursue your favorite hobby?There is a huge demand for accountants who understand the specific needs of small businesses, because the most common problem plaguing small business owners is their inability to understand their finances.

Here’s something every small business owner should know, but generally doesn’t:

Every business has three areas of concern: Production; Marketing; and Accounting. Individuals may start a business because they have talents and skills that will help others. This is the “production” end of the business. As time passes, business owners learn to “market” their skills in order to secure more business. But many have little understanding of how to do the accounting and bookkeeping required to operate and manage a successful small business.

Just like a three-legged stool needs all three legs to be functional, lack of adequate accounting and financial knowledge will eventually sink a business.

At Universal Accounting Center, we have worked with many people in accounting, from new graduates entering the workplace to those with various types of experience. While working with these graduates, we have discovered a very important fact:

It only takes 60 classroom hours to master the complete accounting process!

When college students study Accounting, their ultimate goal is to work for one of the major accounting firms or a Fortune 500 business, not the corner gas station. The universities know this, and they gear their curriculum toward those goals.

Universities and Colleges DO NOT teach Small Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

That’s what makes a home-based accounting service specializing in small business such a great opportunity. Only 2% of businesses have more than 100 employees. In fact, 85% of all businesses have fewer than 20 employees which means that universities are training students to work in 2% of the accounting market, while 85% of all businesses still need our help.

The Professional Bookkeeper Program logoClick HERE to order the Professional Bookkeeper Program and the Financing a Small Business manual at no additional charge (see option 2 for financing).Click HERE to finance the Professional Bookkeeper Program and the Financing a Small Business manual, charged to all major credit or debit cards. Financing is only available in the United States and Canada.

Universal makes starting a bookkeeping business easy!

In 1979, Universal Accounting Center was created to provide training in real world situations. We devised a method of teaching small business accounting unlike anything else available. We have taught thousands of students how to work with small business management, how to create systems of accounting for different types of businesses, and how to develop and market their own accounting service. We have also added a few basic concepts that can instruct anyone, with little or NO experience, in the complete methods of accounting and bookkeeping.Universal Accounting Center is here to help you start TODAY and build your business successfully, in weeks rather than months. To do this, we have a program specifically designed to help you in three ways:

  1. Start your business quickly and easily.
  2. Quickly find clients quickly with our proven marketing strategies.
  3. Better service your clients.

After many years of teaching this course in classrooms across the country, we have also created a home study course, in VHS or DVD formats, complete with the necessary lectures and classroom study that enables our students to work at their own learning pace.Now you too can learn the secrets of successfully starting and operating your own bookkeeping service!

Universal Accounting Center will show you everything that you need to know to get starA picture of all the items provided in the program.ted and quickly become succesful.

You will also learn techniques and ideas that will bring you one new client each week, plus you will learn how to calculate your fees, and what equipment works best.You will be amazed at what you master in just 60 hours. You will learn to open your own accounting service with the skills and confidence necessary to succeed.

Universal Accounting can teach you!

The home-study Professional Bookkeeper course is divided into four learning modules. Each is available in your choice of DVD or VHS:

Module IAccounting Made EasyModule IIPractical Small Business ApplicationModule IIIAdvancing Your “Account-Ability”Module IVBuilding a Successful Accounting Service

Six Features that make our Professional Bookkeeper program so outstanding:

One.Our courses are written especially for small businesses. Approximately one-third of our students have an accounting degree but still use the program to master the accounting issues and processes associated with small businesses. Here’s what one accounting graduate says about our course:”I can honestly say that the hands-on training from Universal Accounting Center was far more helpful than that of my degree program.” — Scott Ivins (25 clients.)TwoSince universities focus on teaching accounting and tax “theory,” as well as general education classes, very little time is spent teaching practical applications and real world techniques. Universal Accounting walks you through several existing companies from beginning to end, and you gain practical knowledge and experience as you learn.”I feel like I have learned more in 4 weeks [about the practical side of running an accounting business] than I learned in 2 years of business education. While much of my MBA curriculum was theoretical, it did not teach the very important details of doing accounting on a day-to-day basis.” –Nathan LeeThreeThe course’s workbooks will become an invaluable addition to your resource library. These reference books include tables and charts not available from any other source. You can refer to them often, saving you hours of research looking for the right information. The workbooks alone are a wise and valuable investment.”Very well put together.” –Barbara MilanoFourThe course is based on real-world experience. In the second module, you will complete the accounting books for four companies that cover 10 different industries. The other three modules also include book applications, and once you finish all four modules, you will have completed nine full sets of accounting books. Each work set included in the modules was based upon existing businesses, giving you the experience as though you were really doing their accounting operations. You will gain the confidence you need to successfully perform in the real world.”I learned so much more than the accounting classes I took in college. This gives you a lot of practical experience.”–Vikki ChmelkaFiveThis program focuses on practical and efficient methods of doing the job. It’s full of tips and shortcuts that enable you to do more for your clients in less time.”My current clients have recognized the changes and appreciate them greatly.” –Scott ChristensenThe course will instruct you in everything you need to know to open, market and build your own accounting service. You will learn to set up accounting books from scratch, maintain records, and consult with your clients.SixFinally, upon successful competition of the course with a final grade greater than 90%, you will receive certification as a Professional Bookkeeper with an emphasis in small business accounting, allowing you to then use the PB designation following your name ( i.e.: John Smith, P.B.)

Regardless of your background,IT WORKS!

“This course has literally changed my life. When I started, I hardly knew the difference between a debit and a credit. Now I have the confidence to tackle almost any type of business and do their books.” –Adam Moody

How much can I make?

We will teach you how to calculate a fair, but lucrative fee. You can choose to operate your business on a part or full-time basis. Your average client will earn you $300 per month, for only six to eight hours of work. As you can see, 3 clients can mean almost $1000 of supplemental income for you, working only 20 hours each month. Of course, there are many small businesses that need your type of expertise, making full-time bookkeeping a profitable venture. If you acquire just one new client per month, your second-year earnings will be more than $40,000 per year. Is it possible? You bet!

One Universal Accounting graduate found all the clients she could handle in a mere 60 days!

What’s the cost for the course? A course of this magnitude can run hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce, with the costs passed down to the students. And we all know how expensive the universities are. But we offer this education to you at a very affordable price, saving you thousands in the process.

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