Give Your Clients Something to Talk About

Your company’s public image often develops through word-of-mouth. When clients talk about your accounting and bookkeeping service, they likely are talking about you. You are the one out in the field meeting with clients on a regular basis. In the eyes of your clients, you are the company.

Do you put your best foot forward? Do you give your clients the timely information they need?

Not only are the answers to these questions critical to your marketing success, they also are a key factor in the image that clients develop of your company. Follow these tips to keep the lines of communication open and deliver the level of service that your clients expect:

* Stay updated on accounting and industry issues, and make sure that you understand them completely so that you can explain them to clients. For instance, subscribe to and peruse trade journals from your client’s industries.* Know the answers to frequently asked questions.* Be prepared to thoroughly explain changes that directly impact your clients, such as tax and financial practices. Particularly those that will enhance your client’s profits.

This will get your clients talking about you, and it will all be positive.

Module 4 of our Professional Bookkeeper program, entitled “Building a Successful Accounting Service” describes other marketing methods to make your Accounting or Bookkeeping service grow!To see an overview of marketing concepts that the Professional Bookkeeper course will teach you Click HERE.

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