Good Times, Bad Times

Good Times Or Bad: You Make the Difference

When It Rains, It Pours

Some days you’re on a roll. Everything goes your way, from early morning traffic without delays right through to late-evening sports reports of your favorite team’s victory.Other days it’s just the opposite. You just seem to be on the losing side–appointments canceled without notice, long lines at the cash machines, even a flat tire when you’re heading home.

Why Does Life Never Settle Down?

Why are there such big swings of the pendulum? Where to assign credit or blame? A current theory says: on yourself. The reasoning: Your expectations and consequent behavior govern the responses of the outside world, and you get what you ask for.On the simplest level, this theory is reinforced every day. Smile at the next person you pass, and you’ll probably get a smile in return. Or hit the accelerator to bar another driver from changing lanes, and you’ll probably elicit a glare to match your own.But what about situations beyond your control? If you leave home expecting an easy trip, will the traffic clear up for you? Maybe–if only because in the right frame of mind you’re likely to leave on time and follow the best route.

What’s In It For You To Be Positive?

If you are going to speak with a potential client, having an optimistic viewpoint can help close the sale, all other things being the same. When your clients see that you are upbeat and positive, they feel confident that things will be all right. If you show concern or negativity, you put them in a state of mind where they will be more negative or concerned with what might go wrong. What kind of personalities do we most often relate to salespeople? They tend to be positive and encouraging. Why? Because being positive sells. When people are positive, they tend to ignore obstables that they would focus more upon if they were in a more negative frame of mind.Is this theory really on target? Do you make the difference between your good and bad times? Give it a try–it can’t hurt and it could prove to be a winning strategy for you. So smile…it pays!Learn Business Secrets that Work in Our Forum