Graduate Spotlight: Melanie Macatangay

Universal Accounting Spotlight- Melanie

It took Melanie two whole months to decide whether or not she would enroll at Universal Accounting, but today she credits her UA education with making her entire life better than ever before. Prior to enrollment at UA, Melanie was unemployed and lacking in confidence, but she was ready to change all of that by obtaining the training she needed to afford her endless career opportunities.

Looking at it as a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience for her future business, Melanie enrolled in every course offered by UA. She’s extremely grateful that she chose UA over other private schools because the coursework material far exceeded her expectations and zeroed in on the information she would need most as a business professional. Melanie found the material to be valuable well past any exams and into the long-run.

Since her graduation, Melanie was hired as a full-time staff accountant and is currently working on her own part-time accounting business. She’s now comfortable and confident with speaking to clients and answering all of their bookkeeping, accounting and tax questions. Melanie enjoys making more money as a trained professional, as well as the confidence that her business will continue to grow.

Melanie wants everyone to know that it’s time to quit thinking about enrollment and simply go for it. She credits the UA staff and marketing coaches with working hard to assist and prepare students with all of the guidance they need. Compared to other programs, she recommends and prefers UA for its focus on teaching students how to excel as an independent contractor or business owner.

“If you want to work for yourself, gain more knowledge, increase your income and be successful, then I highly recommend for you to enroll with UA.”

Isn’t it time for your own success story?

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