Increase Your Profitability for Less Than Five Dollars!

There isn’t a small business owner around that doesn’t want to enjoy greater profitability.  If you don’t agree, try imagining the following discussion:

Business Owner #1: I’ve discovered this great system for increasing my revenue while streamlining production.  Are you interested?

Business Owner #2: Not really.  I’m too busy to increase my profitability.  And I’m perfectly content with my mediocre production value.

Ludicrous, right?

Small business owners, whatever the industry, are in the business of making money.  And generally speaking, if there’s a way to increase productivity and revenue, small business owners will do what they can to accomplish that.

Allen Bostrom, President and CEO of Universal Accounting, has written two books designed to help small business owners make their businesses more profitable.  And because these books, In the Black: Nine Principles to Make Your Business Profitable and Red to Black in 30 Days, have recently been made available on Amazon’s Kindle, you can take advantage of his profit-building principles for less than five dollars!

Designed specifically for small business, In the Black presents 9 practical principles that enable readers to improve their business’s profitability, or the profitability of their clients’ businesses, immediately.   It’s a quick read that demonstrates how to ensure successful interaction among the three key business functions: accounting, marketing and production.  Not only can this information be used to enhance an accounting practice, but it enables contract accountants and bookkeepers to become their clients’ Profit Experts as well.

Red to Black in 30 Days is a guideline for financial professionals who work with disheartened small business owners in need of a good turnaround plan. Each chapter focuses on a crucial aspect of the turnaround process. Simple steps are outlined from initial contact through stabilization and profitable growth. This can be the guide through one’s first turnaround experience or it can enhance the management skills of even the seasoned freelance accountant.  In offering turnaround services, financial professionals can ensure their businesses (and those of their clients) will be the few that thrive through this recessive economy.

Author Allen Bostrom President and CEO of Universal Accounting Center explains, “My Kindle goes with me wherever I go.  It’s only natural that I would want to have my books in a Kindle format.”

Take advantage of this amazing deal!  These books, purchased at regular price, would cost you $50.  But when you download the Kindle versions—which give you immediate access to this valuable information—they only cost you $5; that’s 10 times less than retail.

If you would like to learn more about these two books, visit their corresponding websites at In the Black and Red to Black.  Or order your Kindle copies today!