Increase Your Value

Whether you work for yourself or for an employer, there are things you can do to make yourself a more valuable asset.  In a recent article, corporate consultant and author Steve Siebold shares “Five Ways to Be Amazing at Work.”  He explains that while some climb the corporate ladder by playing politics, “there are other qualities that world-class performers have in common.”  We share three of those qualities here:

1. Solve problems.  Whether it’s a client’s problem or an employer’s problem, your ability to trouble shoot, eliminate obstacles and resolve complications will increase your value exponentially. It can ensure both customer loyalty and job security, building confidence in your abilities with all your associates.

2. Take risks.  It’s a well-known fact that successful entrepreneurs are risk takers.  Without the ability to go out on a limb, after having measured a venture’s benefits verses its risks, there would be no innovative products, viral marketing campaigns, or multimillion-dollar startups.  The same applies to valued employees.  Those who play it safe are rarely promoted.  Being able to take measured risks is a valuable quality.

3. Find a coach. There aren’t many entrepreneurs that wouldn’t welcome the help of a mentor, a coach that could help them navigate through the difficulties of starting a new practice.  The same holds true for traditional employment—a coach can help achieve specific goals and advance your career. Siebold explains, “Corporate America and entrepreneurs are starting to catch on to something that athletes have always known: if you want to maximize your potential in anything, hire a coach. Coaching is to performance what leadership is to an organization. Since human beings are primarily emotional creatures, competent coaches are experts in stoking the fires that burn within.”

There are things you can do to improve your worth to employers and/or clients.  Taking the time to evaluate your aptitude for risk-taking and problem-solving is a great first step.  Securing a trusted coach is another.

Universal Accounting Center’s Master Coaching Programs

Universal Accounting Center has two coaching programs designed to give you that extra help you need to succeed.  If you are already a Universal student, chances are that you are familiar with the Academic Coaching program.  At that time, you were assigned an academic coach who was qualified to answer all of your accounting, software and tax questions.

For those who want regularly scheduled coaching sessions, Universal offers the Master Coaching Program.  For a relatively modest fee (especially when compared to other coaching programs), a student is assigned a Master Coach who will follow-up with the student at pre-arranged times each week to review progress on past objectives, discuss the student’s current position, and recommend action steps to take the student to the next level.

Look into our Master Coaching Program today!  We’re certain you’re an amazing financial professional.  We’re also certain, that will a little coaching you can become even better.  Call Universal at 1-877-833-7909 to learn more now!


Siebold, Steve.  “Five Ways to Be Amazing at Work.” 19 November 2013