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5 Steps in Taking that First Leap of Faith

A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for. — Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

We cannot discover new oceans until we have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Muriel Chen

Many of us dream about starting our own businesses and may even visualize how successful we could become.  But that’s where it ends.  The logistics, family concerns and financial risks can be paralyzing, making it difficult to move forward.  But as Trammell Crow once said, “There’s as much risk in doing nothing as in doing something.”  The longer you wait to act, the more likely you’ll stay put— stagnate, unsuccessful, and ultimately, full of regret.  Don’t you deserve better than that?  Don’t you deserve to live out your dreams?

If you answer “yes” to the questions above than you need to seriously consider taking that first step to start your own accounting practice.  It will require that you leave your comfort zone and experience risk, but unless you do you will never achieve your full potential.  But how do you endure the discomfort and take the first leap of faith?   The following 3 steps will help.

1. Research the market.

How many accountants are currently in your area?  Can the market sustain another independent contract accountant?  Who would your target market even be?  What services are currently being offered and how can you capture the market by enhancing yours to beat out the competition?  Is there a niche that’s currently being neglected that you could take advantage of?  You can improve on your research by actually talking with other accountants, potential customers, and professionals you respect and admire, providing you with valuable feedback that will ultimately inform your final decision.

2. Act.

This can be the most exhilarating and terrifying step.  But nothing happens until you act.  Once you’ve made your decision it’s time to move forward, learning as you go.  But take note, each event and experience is a lesson, and you should learn from them so you can improve your business and your own approach.

3. Evaluate.

The best businesses are those that continually enhance their products and/or services, grow their offerings and improve their marketing efforts.  The only way to accomplish that is by evaluating your business.  As your own accountant you need to look at your numbers and determine which areas are weak and which are strong.   This enables you to make the best decisions for your business, fostering improvement and growth.

Imagine all that you can see and experience in leaving the comfort of the shore to launch your practice.  We can guarantee you will encounter a storm or two, but oh, how grand the view and how exhilarating the ride.  Not to mention you can improve your lifestyle, enjoying more quality time with your family and a larger income with which to support them.

The Professional Bookkeeper (PB) Program

Over 85% of accounting opportunities reside in small businesses.  The Professional Bookkeeper Program is designed to help you serve this niche market in desperate need of a Profit Center Expert, a title that could easily be yours.  Whether you’re a novice or expert accountant, this program is designed to train you to start a successful and lucrative business as a Professional Bookkeeper.  The modules include:

1. Accounting Made Easy. This module will enable you to master the tools, procedures, and underlying principles that comprise the bookkeeping processes of all businesses. Once completed, you will understand the core building blocks of Accounting and Bookkeeping.

2. Practical Small Business Applications. Apply your understanding of the core accounting principles to specific industries. You will learn to set up books from scratch, do payroll like a seasoned pro, and much more.

3. Advancing Your “Account-Ability.” Set up complete bookkeeping systems and manage the books for a variety of more sophisticated industries.

4. Building a Success Accounting Service. Learn the steps to finding paying clients. You will be fully equipped to start and grow a successful accounting practice.

The Professional Tax Preparer Program

Tax professionals charge 100 + an hour providing planning and preparation services to clients.  And once you add tax services to your menu, you increase the value of your business by become a one-stop financial shop!  Many of the clients who find your accounting services valuable will also come to you for their tax needs.  And those who are attracted by your tax services may enlist your help with their accounting.  Universal’s Professional Tax Preparer Program will enable you to help your clients save enough money in taxes to more than cover your fees.  The modules in this course include:

1. Establishing the Tax Foundation. Learn the entire process for determining income and adjustments to income, which will factor into the Adjusted Gross Income.

2. Becoming the 1040 Expert. Learn more about the necessary background information and forms that are required for Form 1040, Page 2.  Also learn about the adjustments that can be made to gross income, including credits that are allowed and different types of deductions and exemptions that can be taken against that adjust gross income number.

3. Profitable Business Returns. You will be introduced to the world of business organizations and their tax concerns.

4. Building Your Successful Tax Practice. Get a head start in creating and running your own tax preparation service.  You will find yourself light years ahead of the competition as you put these strategies into play.

These two programs will change your life.  Enroll in these power programs now to ensure a successful launch of your bookkeeping and tax practice.  Call Universal at 877-833-7909 to learn more.

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