Motivating Your Employees with Good Management


Do not wait to strike while the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.—William B. SpragueNothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.—Samuel JohnsonNothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Times are tough.  And the economy’s refusal to perk up hasn’t helped.  As a result, many individuals are becoming more downcast about the current market and their role within it.  Chances are your employees are starting to feel the strain.  The best way to overcome these negative perceptions is to practice positive management.  In this, you enable your team to rise above the bleak reality of the recession.

1. Be positive

Lead by example.  This can be done by demonstrating a good attitude that naturally accompanies a positive outlook.  If you don’t have that, chances are your employees are simply reflecting what they see in you.  Your first and most important job is to ensure that you are genuinely optimistic.

2. Permit others to do their jobs

Because you’re invested in your business’s success, it’s tempting to look over shoulders and micromanage your employees.  But you’ll do a better job motivating your team when you demonstrate confidence in their ability to do their jobs well.  As a manager, you can best promote success by enabling your team to succeed.  This means that rather than telling them how to do their job (which you might occasionally have to do), you ensure they have all the necessary tools and training available to excel.

3. Provide vision and support

Good managers inspire success with clear vision.  It’s your job to look to the future and envision positive changes within your practice.  Once you’ve shared this vision, you need to provide your team with the necessary support to move forward.

4. Ensure a safe working environment

We’re not necessarily talking about maintaining OSHA standards, although that too is important.  We’re talking about facilitating a work environment in which people feel safe and comfortable.  My sister was just hired to manage a pharmacy which has, up until now, allowed mean-spirited and hurtful behavior among the employees.  Many individuals were miserable to be working in this emotionally unsafe environment.  You want to ensure that your employees don’t dread getting up in the morning because of an unhealthy office atmosphere.  Set hard and fast rules regarding gossiping, bullying, inappropriate conversations, etc.  Employees respect and appreciate managers who are serious about creating a positive work environment.

5. Practice good communication

Without good communication skills, you’ll find it difficult to lead your team anywhere, because without clear direction they won’t know where to go. You must clearly communicate your vision, your objectives, and your expectations.  But if you’re doing all the talking, your team will quickly tune out.  Communication runs both ways; you must listen and engage in productive discussions as well.

6. Give positive reinforcement and feedback

Nothing is more discouraging to an employee than lack of feedback.  In order to better direct their efforts, they need to know whether or not they’re satisfying your expectations.  Be sure you always provide positive feedback first.  Then give constructive criticism by sharing how they can improve their efforts.  Be specific.  Vague and ambiguous feedback is almost worse than no feedback at all.

7. Be an advocate

As your employees interact with clients, it’s important that you be their advocate.  Sometimes clients may complain about their exchanges with your employees, and quite honestly, there may come a time when an employee must be reprimanded for poor work and/or behavior.  However, most of the time you should not only support but endorse your employees, making it clear that as long as they’re performing to the best of their ability, you’ve got their back.

8. Provide group training

Group training is a great business investment.  Not only will it improve your practice, but it will also motivate and inspire your employees while teaching them valuable skills.  Imagine teaching each employee how he or she can become your business’s profit expert.  Universal Accounting Center has developed a proven program to help non-accounting employees understand their function and importance in the business model. With Universal’s proprietary training, each employee will understand how critical their position is to the business. They will improve their skills in performing important responsibilities that will greatly benefit the company’s profitability.  Call 1-800-343-4827 today for more information on how Universal can immediately help your company today or email us at [email protected].

Good management is often more motivational than even the cheesiest quotes or promotional plaques.  As you show a genuine interest in your employees’ work experience at your practice, you’ll find their loyalty, commitment and performance improves.

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